11:57 pm, Monday, April 30th, 2007

Wow, the IMBC‘s in day 30 now. And we still have 40% of the original group in the game. Color me amazed. I’m especially impressed with the first-timers who’ve made it this far (Peter and Amy). It’s a milestone for me too; in IMBC ’05 I failed on day 11 and in ’06 I was out on day 20.

This Plasma Pong game Krunk found is pretty keen. It’s kind of like playing table tennis underwater with garden hoses instead of paddles. And lots of glitter. The game itself gets tiresome after a few matches, but the “sandbox” section is really cool (esp. “jello mode”). They should use this thing to make a fluid-physics version of Armadillo Run. That would be so boss.

I’ve got two final exams out of the way now. I’ll probably run back to Pasco Thursday or Friday to finish up some digital X-ray stuff — gotta remember to snap a picture of Jake’s circuit board kludge while I’m there. And Jones is coming to Pullman this weekend, so that’ll be fun.

Argh, I just wasted a half hour playing “indie games,” thanks to this link on the Plasma Pong page. I had only meant to queue up some tabs for later perusal, but the music from Flow caught my attention.

Today’s TotD isn’t exactly inspiring me, so I’ll have to write about something else. Let’s see… I’m making a kind of jambalaya for dinner in a few minutes. It’s going to be mostly cut-up kielbasa, pinto beans, and rice. I’ll probably throw in some chili powder, garlic, and bell peppers too. And maybe a little minced mushroom and onion (I go light on those cuz Brett hates ‘em). I guess this stuff is more like red beans & rice, but I don’t use red beans…

Don’t you hate it when you get lost in Wikipedia? I was just checking the entries for red beans & rice and jambalaya and somehow wound up reading about flameless ration heaters.

Enjoy these random offerings from 4chan:

Grindhouse wallpaper    Hey Bart, remember Alf?    Poorly thought-out CD design

3 Responses to “#791”

  1. Peter:

    Thanks for the props.

    I’m surprised that I’m still in the IMBC! Anyone wanna wager on who will be eliminated next?

    (No, I am NOT a gambling degenerate!)

  2. hjo3:

    Hmm. That’s a tough one. TBH, I think it’ll be me or Tim. In fact, right after I published #792, my internet went out again. I could have lost tonight if it weren’t for my superior luck.

  3. Dad:

    Maybe you should post before 11:55 PM and not rely on luck.