11:57 pm, Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Ah, I’m back from the Tri-Cities. Hot Fuzz was terrific. Amazingly enough, Jones and I made it to the theater on time, even though I had to blog and he had to stop for gas. Anyway, Simon Pegg is so cool in this one. He looks really different from the character he played in Shaun of the Dead. I’m kind of surprised how well the film works; it’s probably the most un-corny farce I’ve ever seen. The repeated exclamation Frost and Pegg use (“By the power of Grayskull!”) made me think of the “By the Hammer of Thor!” phrase they’ve been using on 30 Rock lately.

Jones and I both agreed that every Shakespeare play should end with the whole cast singing a Cardigans song.

I messed up my ankle something fierce this weekend. Last Wednesday or so, I stepped funny and something in my foot went “chi-crick.” It hurt a lot, but seemed to go away pretty quick. But then on subsequent days I’d occasionally make some kind of very subtle misstep and it’d happen again. But it was really infrequent — only occurred like once every five hours. But then it became more frequent and on Saturday I was on my feet all day at the clinic and it got much worse. Started swelling noticeably. I bought an ankle brace at the sports store over by the Loew’s in Kennewick, and that helped a lot. Tends to cut off my circulation though, so I only wear it for a couple hours at a time.

My internet access was really slow when I got back. It took me a long time to realize what the cause was — my ghetto wifi adapter mount had come apart. Cheap adhesive on the velcro pads, I guess. Drove me crazy for a while though.

I’m almost to the end of Super Paper Mario. Just finished fighting Bowser in the Underwhere to get him to rejoin the party. Also, I downloaded a couple “virtual console” NES games on the Wii. There’re some N64 games I want to try, but I need to buy different controllers to play ‘em.

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  1. Mom:

    “There’re some N64 games I want to try, but I need to buy different controllers to play ‘em.”
    Well, that’s great! But all I heard this weekend was how you had all this work to do for finals….hummmmmm You poor thing. :)