11:19 pm, Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Brett’s been practicing with Wii Sports a lot. Sadly, this had caused my “utter domination” in golf to be reduced to nothing more than a consistent 2-3 stroke lead on nine holes. While we’re on the subject of WS golf: I hate the putting sensitivity. It’s like trying to hammer a sixpenny nail with a pile driver. I have to move the Wiimote in thoroughly unnatural ways to get close to what I want.

I’m doing a bit better in bowling. I actually got a 202 just a little while ago. The game would have been “clean” if I hadn’t missed two pins on my very last throw. That game alone earned me +196 skill points.

Been progressing well in Super Paper Mario. I’ve gotten Bowser as a playable character and I’m almost to Fort Francis. Finding the third heart pillar took forever. The “Merlee’s Mansion” level was awesome, though a couple of the puzzles were pretty tricky. I actually had to draw a little map for the last part.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Queen and Barenaked Ladies lately. Right now I’m especially in love with the former’s “Death On Two Legs.” I have to watch myself when listening to it in the car though — it’s one of those songs that makes you want to drive fast.


What’s the first concert you attended? What was your favorite concert?

The first concert I ever went to was a Weird Al performance in Eugene, Oregon. My grandma drove me all the way from Coos Bay to see it. It was really great even though we were like 400 feet from the stage. As for my favorite concert… can I count Mamma Mia? It’s practically like seeing ABBA. Better, probably. If not, I’d have to go with the Riders in the Sky concert my family went to at the TRAC facility. We had amazing seats. Even got to shake hands with a couple of the band members after the show.

Second best would probably be the Killers concert Brett took me to in Seattle. That one really exceeded my expectations. Just the lighting and stage effects (I’m not sure what the proper term is) were a show in themselves. And the crowd had a terrific, positive energy.

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