2:17 am, Saturday, March 10th, 2007

I’ve been pretty obsessed with this awesome Flash game lately — Desktop Tower Defense. It’s a lot like the custom “TD” maps in WarCraft III, but the interface is way better. Really addictive.

Let’s see, what else… this gas temperature map is pretty nifty, not having a dishwasher sucks, spring break has begun, and the Sarah Silverman Program aired its last episode of the season. Comedy Central seems to be getting better lately… SSP is awesome, The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show is pretty funny (loved the “My Daddy is an Astronaut” song on the last episode), and Halfway Home looks like could be good (hopefully it won’t be as lame as Dog Bites Man).

Neat YouTube videos: Close But No Cigar (possibly the best animated music video ever; by Kricfalusi and Weird Al), a great IKEA ad, making music entirely via video editing, and Everybody Loves Raymond – Jungle Love (one of my favorite sitcom intros).

BLDGBLOG posted this on MetaFilter a while back in response to the “illegal border crossing” simulation in El Alberto, Mexico:

The next thing they should do is simulate a chainsaw massacre: you and some friends are given an old van that will break down at some point in the next 10 hours – but you don’t know exactly when or where. You are then sent out on backroads into the mountains of western Texas, with no cell phones, and no other form of contact with the outside world.

What’s happening is you have paid a company to hunt you down with chainsaws.

When your van breaks down, however, you get a little freaked out – worried that the game will be too real, or that maybe they won’t know where to find you. After all, one of your friends asks: was the company for real? Or was it just some lunatic? Did you read the fine-print?

And is that man over there looking at all of you, with a chainsaw in his hand, part of the simulation or not…?

You then descend into the hermeneutic abyss of the simulation industry…

I know it’s just parody, but I think it’d really make an awesome horror movie (might have to tone down the Texas Chainsaw Massacre references though, maybe set it somewhere else). I dunno, maybe it’d be too much like The Game.

I finally started the Shangri-La diet after buying the audiobook so many months ago (heard about it while listening to the Freakonomics audiobook). This is my third day. For those not familiar with it, the diet’s about disassociating flavor from calories to lower your body’s “set point” (the weight equilibrium your hunger tries to regulate towards). You do this by ingesting flavorless calories (in the form of oil or sugar water) at least an hour away from anything you can taste (even toothpaste and chapstick). I’ve been using extra light olive oil (the recommended oil — other people use rapeseed, safflower, grapeseed, refined hemp, etc.), specifically the Carapelli brand. The first couple days I was drinking it straight, but that was pretty gross so I tried to find some alternative methods. This thread by LowerBoy on the site’s forums was just what I was looking for — it works really well.

I can’t believe how little appetite I have now. I’m about to go to bed and the only things I ate today were a cheeseburger, large fries, and a cookie. That might not sound very strange for most people, but it is for me. If I can just maintain this level of consumption, I’ll be happy.

2 Responses to “#757”

  1. Mom:

    Just think what you can do if you eat healthy food. Green vegetables, fruit, don’t forget to take you Vitamins too!!

  2. Stephen M (Ethesis):

    On SLD I found the most important thing was to get my calcium. I took vitamins out of habit, but the calcium seemed to help it keep going.

    Hope it is still working for you.