10:20 pm, Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

I brought Looker home. She seems very happy to have free run of the indoors again. Brett’s mom wanted to know what she looked like, so I took this picture for him to email:

Brett and Looker - March 07

While I was in Pasco this past weekend, I saw Reno 911!: Miami with Jones. After seeing it, I realized I’d been expecting something worse. But I found it fairly enjoyable. It’s pretty much the same as the TV show, just stretched out a bit and heavier on the blue material. Patton Oswalt was underused for most of the film, but they gave him a couple great lines towards the end. “There’s no immunity to bullets!”

Someone posted a link to this 50 States in 10 Minutes game on AnandTech. I thought “Oh, that’ll be easy,” but I’m ashamed to say I could only remember 45. If you try it, post your score and the states you missed in the comments. Here’re the ones I missed (hidden with Krunk’s special spoiler-hider; click the + to show): [+]

Kinda weird since they’re all pretty memorable except for the first one.

My mom made this awesome dinner on Saturday night — thick ribeye steaks and twice-baked potatoes. I meant to pick up some frozen hamburger and pork while I was over there, but I forgot. Guess it’ll be pastas and soup till I go back for spring break.

Today was supposed to be my first Bio 201 class, but when I arrived at the Heald Hall auditorium there was a sign on the door that said the start date had been postponed to March 20th. It’s just a 1 credit course, but that’s all I need to satisfy my science requirements (well, I really needed 1.4 credits, but luckily they rounded down).

I’ve participated in a few more SketchUp 3D Challenges since I last mentioned it in post #750. Here’s my model of the mansion from Drawn Together, some pool stairs (it was a weird challenge), and my latest submission: A raft in a bottle.

SketchUp: Drawn Together House    SketchUp: Pool Stairs    SketchUp: Raft in a Bottle

Still working on the new, ultra-detailed IMBC 2007 rules. The site will be live (and registration will begin) by March 15th.

2 Responses to “#756”

  1. Krunk:

    Haha, here are the ones I missed:
    You forgot:Delaware, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming,

    Complete mismatch between your set, though you did get 1 more than me. I was able to get Arkansas at the very last moment.

    //krunk (^_^x)

  2. Mom:

    I missed Illinois, Indiana, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Connenicutt. No great lost.