11:38 am, Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Not a lot to report. I got a really cool Nerf gun, made some goulash, and took pictures of my room after affixing my bookshelf to the wall. I still need to put up my posters.

My room in Pullman

I’m going to drive to the Tri-Cities in a little bit to pick up Looker (my corgi). I would’ve brought her over sooner, but it was always snowing.

I’ve been doing some reading on the FairTax plan because of a thread I got involved in on the AnandTech forums about the flat tax. I originally heard about the FairTax on Neil Boortz’s radio program and thought it sounded like a great idea but I had some doubts about things like how it might encourage underground economies and so on. Since I seemed to be in the minority, I ended up defending it in the thread which lead to more research and the realization that it actually has answers for almost all the issues I was concerned about. It requires delving into a subject that most people find drier than saltines in the Sahara, but I think if many actually bothered the plan would have far greater support.

This also lead to me doing a little reading about the Libertarian Reform Caucus. I don’t think I fully agree with their goals, but I noticed something funny: You know how the Libertarian Party’s symbol is the Statue of Liberty? Well, the LRC’s is the Statue surrounded by scaffolding. Heh!

Anyway, not a much else to report. My country in NationStates is up to 87 million now. I’ve been having trouble passing legislation to lower the crime rate. I’m reluctant to deal with the problem by simply adding more police and making the deterrents harsher, but nothing else seems to be having an impact. Oh well.

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