11:43 pm, Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Boy, I really need to update more often… Gotta build those blogging muscles before the 3rd annual IMBC begins in April.

Earlier this month Krunk helped me implement some JavaScript he wrote — now my sidebar is a little shorter because the “Illustriae” section is hidden by default. I tweaked his code very slightly to replace “show” and “hide” with fixed-width plus and minus signs. That Illustriae section is kinda new too. It’s a list of celebrities whose work I admire and like to keep tabs on. Since their projects aren’t likely to appeal to everyone who views this site, I figured I’d try to de-clutter things without requiring an extra page load to access the links. I’m very happy with the results. Thanks, Krunk!

Speaking of web site stuff, I finally got around to fixing my .htaccess file. Ever since I installed WordPress I’d been unable to view my site statistics. It wasn’t a big deal since I rarely looked at them anyway, but lately I’d been curious to see how a couple things were trending. A quick search of the DreamHost wiki showed me the fix, which was simpler than I’d expected. Now I can make cool charts like this one, which shows the total number of requests made during each hour of each day since October 2005:

Hourly Usage stats - Oct 05 to Feb 07

While I was messing with that stuff, it occurred to me that my 404 page was kind of bloated, so I revised it. Here’s the new version; it’s less than 10 KB.

I saw Pan’s Labyrinth Friday night. The reviews for it were extremely good — 96% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and consistent A and B grades on Yahoo! Movies. I wasn’t as impressed; I liked it, but only mildly. The violence/torture was a bit much for me and I found the subtitles a little too distracting (their presence wouldn’t have bothered me if the film didn’t have such pretty scenery and interesting visual effects). It surprised me that I was more engaged by the plight of the Spanish rebels than the girl’s fantasy adventures.

A couple neat YouTube videos:

Beatboxing flute Inspector Gadget remix — Pretty much what it sounds like. Around 1m:50s he segues into Axel F. Kind of neat; I didn’t realize flautists could beatbox while playing.

March of the Emperors — For some reason, in France the movie “March of the Penguins” is known as “March of the Emperors.” I don’t know why they changed the title; I suppose the latter version is a little more poetic. Or maybe they thought it was popular enough by then that people would already know the subject but not the particular species. Anyway, this commercial is about a funny misunderstanding that results from the unclear title.

I’ve been cooking more lately. Here are some pictures:

Brett's Fried Rice    Vegetarian Casserole with biscuit top    Salmon, seared scallops, mashed potatoes, and green beans

The first picture is of the fried rice Brett made this evening. The second is a vegetarian casserole I made. Halfway into preparing the sauce (a basic alfredo) I realized I didn’t have any spaghetti. The only pasta I could find was two boxes of lasagna. So I boiled up a bunch of that and cut it into strips on a cookie sheet with a pizza cutter. I mixed everything together with some frozen veggies (corn, peas, carrots, green beans, lima beans) and topped it with a thin layer of biscuit dough. I used an egg wash to make the topping shiny and dark. Best casserole I’ve ever made.

The last dish is salmon, green beans, mashed potatoes, and seared scallops in a basil-infused white wine cream sauce. The salmon was priced really cheap at the store — like $3.20 for the whole fillet (I have no idea why; might’ve been an error). I don’t like scallops, but Brett does and I thought that maybe if I cooked them myself I could make them more appetizing. Didn’t work — I still hate them. Everything else worked out very well though.

Brett’s mom and her friend Betsy came down from Spokane today and dropped off Brett’s trumpet and this really nice stereo system (I’ll take a picture of it soon; it makes the TV sound way better). She also took us to lunch at the Fireside Grille.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

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9 Responses to “#754”

  1. Krunk:

    Glad I was able to help. :)

    Also, in regards to March of the Penguins, this was originally a French film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0428803/ (La Marche de l’empereur) but was brought over to America and dubbed. The Americans were the ones who changed the title of the film to penguins, I’m guessing because people were going to be confused and not sure what the movie was about. The reason it’s called Emperors is because of the penguins are called Emperor penguins.

    //krunk (^_^x)

  2. hjo3:

    Huh! I didn’t know it was French. Weird. Even with all the media buzz about it last year I’d never picked up that it was a foreign film. I knew the species (hence the comment) thanks to a oddly memorable documentary in grade school. Looking back now, I can’t imagine why my teacher thought it was important that we know all the major species of penguins…

  3. Mom:

    I can’t believe you did not know that it was a French film. It had such a Cousteau feel about it. It got lost at times in the cinematography, was rather monotonous at times and basically pointless. So very French. That and the spoof wouldn’t have been as funny if they used some other Emperor. Say Julius Ceasar in togas. Obviously you need another trip to Paris to realize French when you see it. Oooh La La.

  4. Tim:

    Hell yes, I am so ready for IMBC this year. Got my drama stick all polished and everything.

  5. Mom:

    What do you think would be good prizes for the winner???

  6. Keith:

    Love the 404 graphic.

  7. hjo3:

    Haha, thanks!

  8. hjo3:

    Re: Tim: Where will you be posting this year? Are you going to resurrect your old pre-DGR-X blog?

  9. Krunk4Ever! » Blog Archive » Upgraded to WordPress to 2.3:

    [...] Update: Still in the process of fixing up a bunch of deprecated functions and learning what’s new new. I’ve also adopted Hjo3’s +/- for hiding/showing my menus on the right. [...]