3:50 pm, Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Well, I’m in New York, NY. It’s not as cold here as people said; aside from cold ears and cheeks, I’ve been pretty comfortable outside. The flight over wasn’t too bad. Apparently I hadn’t been on a plane in some time (2003?) — they now have television on little LCD touchscreens in the backs of the seats. Like, live television via satellite. And a bunch of movies (with rewind and pause controls), MP3s, simple video games, and flight statistics. I was really impressed… it’s a huge improvement over the pull-down screen and digital projector they used to have.

Interactive video on a Delta 757

The people at the airport were pretty pushy. Apparently some group of jackasses were coming back from a ski weekend and they had something like two dozen ski cases that clogged up the baggage carousel and whacked people when moved about.

This morning we had breakfast in the hotel cafe (Raffles). The food was much better than I expected, especially the curly fries. (Curly fries with breakfast instead of hash browns… is that a New York thing? I don’t know.) Then we walked east towards Time Square and did some window shopping (pic below). Then we entered the Macy’s megaplex, an adventure that took most of the day. I got some slacks, a suit jacket, and a couple shirts. This really nice clerk helped us find things and recommended styles and colors and so on — very helpful. The clothes look great and fit better than I thought they would. It’s too bad she couldn’t accept our tip.

Time Square - Feb 2007

Getting a taxi back to the Radisson was really hard. We eventually ran into a doorman on 5th Avenue who kindly offered to hail one for us.

Tonight we’re going to see Hairspray at the Neil Simon Theater at 8:00.

I have to finish a 6-10 page short story (for ENGL 251) and a 4-5 page essay (for 20th century lit.) by Thursday. Whee.

2 Responses to “#752”

  1. Tim:

    Ho-lee-shit. New York. I don’t think I could even handle going to a city that big. It’d make me shit myself.

  2. hjo3:

    Haha, I was pretty apprehensive about coming here too, but it’s really not so uncomfortable. I guess living in downtown Seattle for six months kinda prepared me for the various customs and protocols of urban areas.