12:32 pm, Monday, February 5th, 2007

Well, I’ve spoken to Hanwool and Jones and, amazingly, both still live.

Not much going on here. I got three hours of sleep last night because I kept putting off that “Analysis Response” paper for ENGL 251 and then realized it was more difficult than I’d expected. I’m sitting here between my morning and afternoon classes because it beats sitting on the metal bench in the Todd building, even though I have to make two bus trips. Tomorrow’s going to suck… I have to read fifty pages for my modern lit. class, then participate in a research study in the afternoon, then go back to school at 7:00 PM for a review for our first exam in MIS (which makes up about a third of our grade).

Almost all the snow has melted now. It got a lot warmer over the weekend… it’s 47° F outside right now, which is like 20 degrees higher than it was this time last Wednesday. On Saturday, Brett and I got haircuts at Elaine’s on Grand Avenue (we needed them pretty badly — I hadn’t been that shaggy in a long time). She did a really good job. The only downside was that we found out she charges an extra $10 for walk-ins (fortunately, I had an appointment and only paid $15; Brett had to pony up $25).

Last week sometime, Thursday I think, I drove to Office Depot in Moscow (Idaho) to get a desk chair. My last one, which I got at IKEA, was nice, but the tilt thingy broke like six months back and made it really uncomfortable to sit in (since you had to lean back the whole time or else fall forward suddenly). I’m psyched about the new one (a “black fabric task chair,” according to the box); the display model was very comfortable and sturdy. I haven’t put it together yet though, since I want to fix my desk before I do that. (The wheels broke when we were unloading it from the U-Haul trailer, so I need some bricks or something to set it up on.)

Well, almost time to take the bus back to WSU. I’m gonna check a few of my AnandTech threads before I go.

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