3:19 pm, Friday, January 26th, 2007

My last class of the day, English 251, was cancelled. Of course, I had to take a bus and hike a quarter mile to learn this. Why can’t teachers send out an email if they’re going to do this sort of thing? Especially annoying since I stayed up late last night working on a villanelle that was supposed to be due today.

Anyway, it’s snowing out. Kinda weird, since yesterday it was really sunny, fairly warm, and the sky was completely cloudless. Then when I got up this morning it was cold and foggy. Must be a bad omen for the coming weekend. We’re driving up to Federal Way one last time to pack up a few things, clean the apartment, and do the inspection.

Oh yeah, I got the TiVo working. My USB wifi adapter (Linksys WUSB54GS) wasn’t compatible, but the MA111 adapter my sister had was, so we traded. I was able to enter the WEP code and everything, so now the listings are all accurate. Very cool.

Okay, gotta go. Here’s a photo I took outside just a couple minutes ago:

Pullman - January 26, 2007

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