9:15 pm, Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

It snowed a lot last night. Which makes it really hard to get around Pullman in Brett’s car since he doesn’t have snow tires or anything. I might try taking the bus tomorrow, but I’m anxious because if I catch it at just the wrong time I could end up very late. (More likely, I’ll prepare for the worst and end up being very early which is almost as bad.)

I managed to get into English 251 through a process my sister calls “vulturing.” Looks like I didn’t miss anything important on the first day, but one of the assignments I was given is awfully weird… I have to answer a nonsensical query posed by Pablo Neruda in The Book of Questions. Here’s the one I picked (more or less) at random:

Is a crater an act of vengeance or a punishment of the earth?

To give you an idea of the contents of the book, here are a few others:

Who shouted with glee when the color blue was born?
Why do trees conceal the splendor of their roots?
Why don’t they train helicopters to suck honey from the sunlight?
How did the grapes come to know the cluster’s party line?

I watched Howl’s Moving Castle the night before last. Overall I liked it, even though it had that annoying tendency of so many Japanese animations to make everything so “epic.” (With a lot of anime movies it’s like the creators can’t be satisfied with just telling a story on a small scale — every conflict has to have (sometimes literally) earth-shattering consequences, love is always unconditional, protagonists are terribly earnest and sympathetic, etc.) The movie had a lot of Wizard of Oz-ish elements that I didn’t wholly understand the point of (a young girl as the main character, a scruffy little dog companion, an animated scarecrow, a “Witch of the Waste” who dresses in black, a kind wizard who hides behind alternate identities, and so on); but I can’t find anything about the author or director that links them in any way to L. Frank Baum’s work. Surely it’s not just some big coincidence?

Finally got a TV (not the flat-panel) hooked up to cable so we can watch the new Top Chef episode tonight. We won’t get cable in the other rooms till Time Warner sends someone to hook up the basement on the 22nd. Remember when I said Time Warner cable sucked? I didn’t know the half of it — they don’t even carry the FOX network! How pathetic.

Coming up next post: Pictures of the exterior of the new place.

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