8:38 pm, Monday, January 8th, 2007

Things have been really hectic with the move, starting school, and so on, but we’ve finally made it to Pullman with enough stuff to live on for a week. The last time we were here it snowed about six inches in just a few hours. Really messed things up — we had to abandon Brett’s Neon at the bottom of the steep South St. hill and walk a quarter mile to get home. (Later, after the roads were plowed, we had to get a tow truck to pull him out of that space.) Snoqualmie pass was really bad that trip too; it was difficult to cross even with the four-wheel drive F-350 my mom lent us.

We don’t have cable at the moment but I’m getting a strong signal from my sister’s wireless router, so internet access isn’t a problem. Knowing my TiVo can’t record things is giving me a sick feeling though. I’m actually using Next-Episode.Net again for the first time in over a year. The cable provider here (Time Warner) is pretty terrible. They don’t even have 24-hour phone support. And you have to go down to their brick-and-mortar office for practically everything. At least that’s close by, like a half-mile down the road from here.

Well, I just had a big spaghetti dinner with Brett and my sister, so I can’t really think anymore. More to come later. English 373 tomorrow at 10:35 AM.

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