11:43 pm, Monday, January 1st, 2007

A lot of stuff happened over Christmas, but I’m kind of short on time here, so I’ll just mention the highlights and fill in the rest later: The office Christmas party was nice — had steak, got a snazzy coat and a cookbook; ended up with some amazing swag later on, around the actual holiday (an HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop, deep fryer, DVDs, cash (from my grandpa), fancy leather book bag, GPS navigator, and T-shirts); after Christmas, my (unbelievably generous) dad got me a widescreen LCD television for my new apartment; my family saw Uncle Dirt Nap live at Kimo’s; and I spent a lot of time remedying a wide assortment of technical problems involving Intuit software, network associations, borked timeclock memory, spreadsheets, Windows patches, and a really hinky motherboard. Oh, and I have lots of pictures to post.

Anyway, onto matters at hand: I know I haven’t been updating much lately, but I’ve been awfully busy with travel, work, getting ready to move, and so on. The move probably seems sudden, but that’s mostly just because I didn’t want to discuss it till I knew it was a sure thing — the whole plan was contingent on a few factors that hadn’t completely resolved until recently. But it’s official now: Brett and I are moving to Pullman so I can finish the bachelor’s degree I started at WSU way back when.

I’ve met a lot of terrific people here in Federal Way and Seattle. Leaving them behind is going to be tough. Martin, Torsten, Kristian, Jay, Chris, Keith, Anthony, Pat, Josh, Charlie, Ashlee, Garret, my other gaming buddies, the whole Game-A-Lot crowd — I’ll miss them.

Driving a bunch of boxes and furniture to Pullman tomorrow, so I’ve got to get to bed. For anyone trying to contact me: I’ve been missing a bunch of phone messages lately, so remember that the best way to contact me is by email. (I check it at least three times a day, on both the computer and BlackBerry.)

4 Responses to “#744”

  1. Keith:

    It’s odd how everyone’s schedules have changed with Ian moving to california, myself not having monday’s free until March and now you’re moving away. It was nice gaming with you and I’m sure when you move you’ll find a group to start up with again. I’ll still randomly post here as usual, maybe more as I’m going to build a new computer next week.

  2. JediBear:

    Finishing the Bachelor’s Degree, eh? Well, good for you. Good luck with the moving, and try not to get too bored at Pullman.

  3. Tim:

    Haha! Getting closer to Walla Walla! Take that, Fed Way. You and your Korean Gangstas.

  4. hjo3:

    Heh, thanks for the comments, guys!

    Keith: Yeah, it really sucks that the group is kind of falling apart. Let me know what happens in the Modern game and the D&D setting if that gets going again. I enjoyed gaming with you too — BTW, I think I have a book of yours. I’ll leave it with Anthony when I’m in Fed Way this weekend.

    Robert and Tim: Thanks!