10:27 am, Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Auuugh… I just lost two long paragraphs of blog entry by accidentally closing my browser. I’ll try to reconstruct those previous ramblings here:

We’ve had some really bad windstorms here lately. Half the counties in Washington state are in a “state of emergency,” including King, where we live. Yesterday we lost power for about 16 hours (starting at 12:30 AM). We were lucky to get it back so soon — most people north of 312th St. (here in Federal Way) still don’t have electricity.

Despite the mayhem, some of us managed to get together at Game-A-Lot for a booster draft. Charlie, Ashlee, Peter, Thomas, and I drafted from two packs of Guildpact and one pack of Ravnica. We ran into some problems in the later rounds of the tournament concerning the chosen event type — though we’d started the tournament using a simple bracket system, some wanted to switch to a point-based structure (or, to put it in DCI terms, single elimination and Swiss rounds). Both are valid competition structures, but apparently the group hadn’t achieved complete clarity about the format before the games started. In the end we stuck with single elimination.

Placement was as follows: Thomas (1st), me, Charlie, Peter, Ashlee (5th). Since I bought Ashlee’s boosters, I got to make the 2nd and 5th picks in the rares redraft at the end. Niv Mizzet, the most coveted card there, which was snatched up immediately. My notable acquisitions were Angel of Despair, Djinn Illuminatus, and Copy Enchantment. I had my eyes on a foil Mindleech Mass, but Charlie snagged it in the first round after I took the angel.

There was a great new The Office episode Thursday night. They did this hour-long Christmas special thing; lots of new plot developments. Jim revealed that his new girlfriend from the Stanford branch is just a “temporary distraction” from Pam, Michael was dumped by Carol, and Oscar reappeared for a hilariously brief cameo. This is definitely my favorite show on television right now.

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