1:25 pm, Monday, November 27th, 2006

I just realized that last post reads terribly; that’s what happens when I try to write while watching a DVD. (My dad’s computer is right next to the TV and everyone was sitting around watching You, Me and Dupree.) Anyway, it snowed hard yesterday morning. I was going to leave around 10:00, but the pass reports were pretty discouraging. By noon the alerts had mellowed to a simple “traction tires advised,” so I decided to try. I’m less certain of that decision now — considering I have to drive back on Friday, it might have been better to just bum around Pasco an extra four days. But it’s sooo boring. I hardly know anyone down there anymore and the people I do know seem to be too dysphoric to do anything lately. Plus the movie theaters suck.

Planning to go to the sushi buffet place on WA-99 for lunch today. Haven’t been there before, but if it’s comparable to Todai I’ll be happy. Then I’ll head over to Game-A-Lot around 4:30 or so for the Monday d20 game. Probably meet up with Charlie and the gang around 11:00 for some Magic, maybe some board games. Might kill an hour or two on one of Anthony’s consoles. For sure if he’s gotten his hands on a Wii.

Been working on a new Magic deck (probably black/white, but I might splash blue). While researching cards, I stumbled across a really neat mono-red infinite-damage combo: Izzet Guildmage + Lava Spike + Desperate Ritual. With the Guildmage out, you play the Spike and splice Desperate Ritual onto it. Then, with that altered spell on the stack, you pay 2R to copy it with the Guildmage’s activated ability. You let the copy resolve, dealing 3 damage to your opponent and adding RRR to your mana pool — which you use to copy the original spell again. Repeat ad infinitum. And with a Heartstone in play, this combo can produce infinite mana.

A couple pictures I took Sunday morning (used a tripod and self-timer for the second one):

Parents' front yard in snow    Family photo in snow

3 Responses to “#736”

  1. Tim:

    That damn Izzet Guildmage. I’ve seen a lot of infinite turns combos with that, too.

    My favorite is still Beacon of Tomorrows on a Penoptic Mirror.

  2. hjo3:

    That’s a good one. But wouldn’t Time Warp be better?

  3. Tim:

    I go with what I have.