8:33 pm, Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Thanksgiving dinner was as glorious as I’d expected. My mom was kind enough to make separate portions of stuffing for me and my dad (he likes it with pecans in it). Good brussels sprouts too.

I got snow tires put on my car — the pass has been pretty bad lately, so it seemed like a good idea. I just have to remember to get my regular tires put back on before March 1.

Also got some new clothes and shoes at Burlington Coat Factory earlier today. Really needed the shoes; my Converse All Stars are nice most of the time, but my feet get soaked if I have to walk through wet grass in ‘em.

Been watching Stargate SG-1 season nine for the past couple days. This is the season where they completely replaced Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) with a new colonel. It’s kind of sad that they didn’t take any chances with the cast change — the new guy, Mitchell, is a carbon copy of O’Neill.

Looks like I’ll have to come back to the Tri-Cities December 1-4 to take care of my parents’ pets again. I’ll probably have to miss the Monday game that week, but if the pass is decent I should still make it to the Tuesday GURPS game.

Oh yeah, on the drive down here I started listening to this really great audiobook — Freakanomics. I never realized economics was such a versatile field. It bleeds into philosophy more than I would have expected.

Oban Star Racers

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  1. Keith:

    I have to work on the 4th but that will be a week that Chris runs teh Future game. I’m going to try and be at GameALot early tomorrow as I have to drop my computer off to get repaired. I have an idea or two I want to run by the group.