8:47 am, Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

I decided I’d make a post before I tried to drive over the pass to see my family for Thanksgiving. My parents offered to fly me back (after getting a ride from my sister), but I felt a little guilty about the luxury and, besides, I was worried about how the baggage people might handle Looker (she’ll have to come with me since Brett’s going home for the holiday and I think she’s too old (thirteen) to get thrown around in a crate in freezing weather). Anyway, not a whole lot of new stuff going on; been playing a lot of Magic down at GameALot, made some stew, downloaded some new games for the PSP (Loco Roco’s fun, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is too hard, and Burnout Legends sucks without pressure-sensitive triggers and traffic checking).

I made a new MTG deck; a simple mono-red with cheap burn, suspend spells (Rift Bolt, Keldon Halberdier), mana-concentration, and a couple Scepters. I also finally got my cool new blue deck together — it’s very effective (win ratio of something like 10:3 now) and has about six combos in it.

You know what Matt’s last name is? Everybodytalksabout. Neat, huh? Apparently it’s because he’s Native American and his grandfather had seventeen wives. (Really surprised me — I always thought he was Mongolian.) Just learned that the other night when we were getting McDonald’s between Magic matches.

This week’s GURPS game was held at Torsten’s place in the university district. Really funky house — reminds me of a residence my grandparents rented in Coos Bay about ten years ago. In the email he sent out, he told us we’d recognize it by “the dragon on the fence out front and the Tibetan prayer flags on the porch,” if that gives you some idea. We got side-tracked in the game a lot last night, but we still managed to get some important stuff accomplished. I exercised a little overconfidence with my attacks and nearly paid the price — twelve damage to the torso. Next time I face a thug with a shotgun I’m emptying my whole RoF into his chest.

Missed Chris’s d20 Future game on Monday. Ended up getting too little sleep and decided to spare the group my probable cantankerousness. The fact that the d20 rules for robot PCs are hideously inept didn’t help either. (AIs lose charisma every time they get transferred into a new chassis? Whah?)

Well, gotta get some coffee and hit the interstate. Looking forward to dinner tomorrow.

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  1. Keith:

    We missed you at the game. So far Jay and I are Mecha Jockeys, Ian is a Fast Hero and Anthony is our Company Medic. We’ll be playing Modern next week so if you have any questions Chris will be there.