11:36 am, Friday, November 17th, 2006

It is so good to be back in Fed Way. Getting over the pass was really tricky though — for about a half-hour it was snowing so hard I could only see the tail lights of the semi truck in front of me (which I earnestly followed at 15 miles per hour). Last Saturday I ended up seeing Borat, then (after feeding the dogs) Running with Scissors. Borat was very funny. Not as funny as Clerks II and Little Miss Sunshine, but still great.

Running with Scissors could have been good, but it had no point. Lots of stuff happens, but there’s no real climax or resolution. Every character in the film has some major problem which, in most cases, should have been easy to overcome, but they don’t learn or grow. And it’s not like their suffering is poignant or meaningful, like in Requiem for a Dream… It’s too bad too, because they’re all very interesting people. It’s like the script was written by some brilliant character development specialist who had absolutely no knack for plot. Of course, it’s really based on Augusten Burroughs’s actual childhood, so this probably wasn’t the case. Though the movie kept my interest all the way through, I felt ripped off at the end. It did have a nice soundtrack though.

Been playing a lot of Magic down at GameALot lately. Garret’s been coming around more often, and he’s pretty cool. And Nolan’s decks have gotten a lot better, so overall the game’s getting better. I think there’s a touch of overcompetitiveness creeping into the matches, but it’s still entertaining. And breaking it up with other board games helps relieve that. Tonight we tried the World of Warcraft board game. At first I didn’t think it would be much fun since the rules seemed so complex, but after a couple hours of study and discussion I began to realize how fantastic it is. In our ongoing game Garret and I are playing the Horde (as a shaman and hunter, resp.) with Charlie and Anthony/Willy on the Alliance side (as a warlock and paladin, resp.). We had to suspend the game till tomorrow though so Anthony could go buy a PS3 at 8:00 am.

Actually, the whole PS3 thing is somewhat interesting — basically, I was going to wait in line for a PS3 at Best Buy for Anthony tonight but it turned out people had started lining up there at 9:00 am on Thursday in anticipation of the console release. It’s amazing how high the demand is for these things… they’re going for thousands of dollars on eBay right now. Anyway, Anthony got a hot tip about Target getting eight of them tonight. Around 4:30 am all the GameALot folks went over there so he could get a shot at buying some. So many people showed up that police officers were brought in to keep an eye on them (I guess they thought they might riot or something). Eventually the Target folks announced they’d be holding a raffle for the consoles; they handed out 250 tickets and called out the codes. I had #102 dash. Raymond, this old guy with a long white beard that hangs out at GameALot most nights, ended up winning one of the slots. It’ll be a good deal for both him and Anthony — he gets $50 and a steak dinner, Anthony gets to rent out time on the most coveted video game system in the country. And Anthony was pretty grateful to Charlie, Garret, and I for standing out in the cold for an hour and a half; he gave each of us a fancy leather deck box and two Time Spiral boosters.

I picked up GURPS Bio-Tech a few days ago. I’ve only skimmed through it a little, but it looks really terrific. Tons of crunchy bits. I can already tell it’s going to be way better than the 3e version. Speaking of GURPS, the Seattle game with Martin has continued to improve as we’ve begun to see how he’s tying everything (even events from the very first session) together into a maddeningly enigmatic web. I could write volumes on the game, but I’ll confine my precis to the highlights: We’ve been exiled to a parallel beyond Homeline’s reach by the gods of Riverworld. This parallel diverged sometime in the late 1970s/early 80s with a major nuclear war and proceded to degenerate into a sort of Mad Max-ish post-apocalyptic setting. In the last few years, the ever-present raiders (marauders that prey on the more civilized) have begun to develop a taste for human flesh (possibly à la the “reavers” from Firefly, but also maybe as the result of some partially-aborted zombie contagion). After arriving with our cadre of ressurected time traveling warriors (ancient Aztecs, 15th century Koreans, Slovenians from the 1940s, and one viking) plus a few celebrities of ages past (Bertolt Brecht, Ian Curtis, Odysseus), we discovered a Centrum presence. More surprisingly, we found them cooperative. According to the enemy agent-turned-ally, the zombie contagion is sweeping the multiverse, even appearing in uniquely-Homeline-accessible quantums. And on top of that, we just found a world jumper who’s been kept trapped on this parallel and continuously drugged for God knows how long. (Amazingly, this revelation occured only because I noticed a trivial Simpsons reference that the other players assumed the GM was making out-of-game. I guess it’s a lucky thing Kristian’s character’s first name is Montgomery.)

Oh, and apparently Chris and Keith will be sharing the Monday RPG slot from now on — Chris will be GMing a d20 Future game on alternate weeks. I’m looking forward to it a lot — I’ve hardly ever been able to play in a sci fi setting before. (GMed a bunch of ‘em, but only ever played in a couple short campaigns.) Unfortunately, I’m a little unprepared since I haven’t picked up Future yet.


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  1. Keith:

    I haven’t picked up d20 Future either. I was going to but realized I didn’t have the funds for it this week. I’m going to try and get it when I get paid next week. I found some copies on Amazon for $15 so that might be the route to go.

  2. hjo3:

    Ah. I think I’m going to try to find a copy at Borders/Barnes & Noble this weekend.

  3. Tim:

    Starfish Orgy.

  4. Ian:

    ya i am buying my own books soon and that was bull chris and jay waited for ever to get a ps3 and alot of people wound up getting 1 and some even 2!