1:09 am, Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

I started reading The Gods Themselves. It’s pretty good for an Asimov book. That is, I love his short stories but most of his novels just don’t do it for me. The only one I’ve really enjoyed was The Positronic Man; the others I’ve tried (a couple from the Foundation series and Nemesis) have been overly dry. Anyway, so far Gods Themselves seems to be a fairly straightforward indictment of organizational apathy. Had the book been written more recently, I might have assumed Asimov was also commenting on global warming. But in 1972? Had anyone even thought of it back then?

Looker got fleas last week. They came on very suddenly –really bothered her. I got my parents to FedEx me some Advantix and I gave her a bath with flea shampoo which helped until the medication arrived. The Advantix is really effective. You just squeeze a few drops onto four points on the back and it kills all the fleas in less than 24 hours.

About that same time last week, Brett and I went and got haircuts from Min. I got mine a bit shorter than usual, but I like it.

Gas sure has gotten cheaper lately… when I filled up Saturday night it was only $2.27 per gallon.

Been playing a lot of Magic at Game-A-Lot with Charlie and the guys. I’ve made three new decks; a red, a blue, and a black. The red one works by putting out death-resistant creatures (e.g. Darksteel Gargoyle, Rukh’s Egg), then Jokulhaupsing the board. The blue one is all about redirectable color-hate, a la Distorting Lens + Blue Elemental Blast (usually imprinted on an Isochron Scepter). And the black one uses a Crypt Rats combo for massive life gain. They’re a lot of fun to play, but Charlie’s new decks are pretty tough to beat. He has one that uses a Quicksilver Amulet to put out huge, expensive creatures like Mindleech Mass. There are other terrible combos in that deck, but that’s the one that really hurts.

Speaking of Charlie, I went to his and Ashlee’s Halloween party on Saturday. Lots of fun. We watched 28 Days Later and The Count of Monte Cristo. The latter turned out to be surprisingly good. Normally I avoid those sorts of Napoleonic-era movies — they’re usually slow, boring, and feature a lot of dull sword fights. But this one was really great. My only complaint was that I think the story would’ve been better if Dant├Ęs had lost in the end. Charlie, Janelle, and I had an interesting discussion about it after the movie.

Um, what else… I found out the tailor on the corner will sew pant buttons on for only $1.50 each. Pretty good deal — I’ve gotten two pairs fixed.

A couple pictures before I take off here: The first is the board at the end of a Carcassone game between me, Charlie, Anthony, Garret, and Nolan. We used two games worth of tiles for that one. I think Anthony won with something like 230 points. The second picture is from the Halloween party. I think everyone was kind of caught off-guard by the flash.

Carcassone with 2 sets worht of tiles    Charlie & Ashlee's Halloween party

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  1. Tim:

    Hey Hank. I finally got you on the links section of dgrx.net. You should do the same.

    Um…. *hint hint*.

    There we go.

    Anyways, that blue deck is a bitch. Nick plays one like it, except he makes everything red, makes it so reds can’t hit him, then he plays [some card, totally forgot the name] that reshuffles everything, sets each player to seven life, and lets them draw cards.

    This weekend we are having a huge GURPS game, with about 15-20 people showing up. ZOMBIE HUNTING. It is going to be awesome.

    Can’t wait to see what GURPS is like.

  2. hjo3:

    Heh, I updated the link. (Also dropped Michael from the blogroll cuz he hasn’t posted since July.)

    So is Nick’s deck blue/white? I’m curious how he’d achieve a “protection from” ability with a mono-blue. (Or does he just tap all red creatures or something like that?) Sounds pretty cool though. Mine needs some tweaking — it’s too slow at the moment.

    Zombie games work well in GURPS. But 15-20 players; yikes. The logistics for something like that are pretty intimidating — if it were me, I’d probably switch to a super-basic system like Risus.

  3. Keith:

    Everyone is so close together in that picture, then there you are off to the side.

    I thought about turning the modern game into a zombie game but decided against it after coming up with a few great ideas.

  4. hjo3:

    Eh, I value my personal space. :P

    Actually, the Modern game would be pretty cool with zombies…

  5. Keith: