11:06 am, Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Been fighting off a cold the past few days; it started out as a little congestion and a mild fever, but got worse. Normally, I try to avoid bringing up indelicate things in my blog, but I just have to mention this sneeze I had in the shower this morning as the volume of mucus unleashed was truly staggering. There must have been at least 10 cubic centimeters of the stuff. Anyway, I think I’ve gotten through the worst of it–should be back to normal by Monday.

We’ve had some interesting Carcassone games lately; last week I bought a second copy of the game and mixed all the tiles together so we could create larger countrysides. It’s worked out pretty well, but now the game seems to focus on farms too much. I think the additional tiles require a new rule to keep the game from degenerating into “farm wars” — like, farms should be reduced to three points per completed city instead of four.

Not much else to report. I’ll have some more gaming pics later, but for now here’s a screenshot from an MTGO game I played last month where my mono-white Isochron-Soldiers deck made an impressive comeback.

MTGO - Isochron-Soldiers deck

18 Responses to “#726”

  1. Tim:

    Green-White Token Deck + Doubling Season = Ultra Mega Gundam Happy Fun Time.

  2. Keith:

    I’ve had a headcold all week so I’m looking forward to it going away. I’m going to see “The Prestige” to tonight so if you’re interested I’ll let you know how it is.

  3. Paige:

    Good luck getting over the headcold. Mine lasted six days.

    Also, TMI.

  4. hjo3:

    Re: Tim: Ahh, yes — I Have a friend who’s made a Thallid deck that features Doubling Season. You know what would be really boss? Solarion + Doubling Season. Yikes!

    Re: Keith: I forgot to ask you about that at the game today. Was it any good?

    Re: Paige: Woo, Paige commented on my blog. 6 days, yuck. Mine’s all gone now except for a little coughing.

  5. Keith:

    While I did enjoy the movie, towards the end it got kinda morbid. This movie made me think random things like who would win in a fight: Batman or Wolverine? Also what would Michael Caine do?

  6. Tim:

    Wolverine. Batman’s superpower is money.


  7. Keith:

    I was thinking in teh context of the movie, not about the actual comic book characters. Besides in any fight I would go with the Punisher.

  8. Tim:

    Fuck that. Deadpool.

  9. hjo3:

    Doctor Manhattan would pwn both.

  10. Hecatomb:

    Magneto. He’d bend Wolverine into a pretzel, and take away Batman’s pocket dimension utility belt, rendering him helpless.

  11. Keith:

    Yeah, but the Punisher had a comic called, “The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe.”


    How can someone top that?

  12. hjo3:

    Rubbish and poppycock! Doctor Manhattan can teleport, duplicate himself, create matter, see into the future, and is nearly omniscient. He could vaporize Magneto with a thought. And while the Punisher might have been able to kill those Marvel wimps, he’s clearly no match for Moore’s Watchmen universe.

  13. Keith:

    While I feel the story itself is interesting, I don’t find it very plausable. I just think it’s great that my favorite comic book character has a comic like this.

  14. Tim:

    Lobo killed Santa, and Santa was a dick to my friends and I when we tried to stay at his holiday Inn.

    Lobo wins.

  15. Keith:

    Didn’t Lobo fight Superman also?

  16. Tim:

    Yessums. Kicked his ass.

  17. Keith:

    Where is your weekly update?

  18. hjo3:

    Heh, it’s coming. I’ll try to do it later tonight. Been kinda busy. See ya at the game tomorrow!