1:48 am, Saturday, October 21st, 2006

About an hour and a half ago I got back from Game-A-Lot. The booster draft failed to coalesce again, but I got to shoot the breeze with Anthony, Brandon, and Palmer a bit. The D&D game was supposed to be today, but no one can get ahold of Chris — it’s like he’s dropped off the face of the earth. Anyway, Palmer and I played several games of Magic with my decks. I made this new blue/green one that works pretty well and I found one of my old ones that I used to love; a mono-blue that revolves around an Illusions of Grandeur + Donate combo.

Finished The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. I always find these old science fiction stories weirdly amusing, what with the strange assumptions the authors made about future technology — in TMIaHM, Heinlein puts a lot of focus on these gigantic computers and how taxing it is for them to calculate orbits and trajectories. Yet the same machines can generate photo-realistic video in real time. Today, the former task would be simple for even the cheapest modern PCs while the latter requires vast amounts of processing (and even then, people can often tell what’s CG and what’s real). The ending of the book was a little anticlimactic; Luna wins its sovereignity, but one of the most beloved protagonists dies and the self-aware supercomputer loses its sentience forever. Last night, I started reading Niven’s Crashlander.

The Monday d20 Modern game has been progressing well. Chris, Jay, and Ian didn’t show up for the last session, but Anthony and I played anyway. It’s pretty fun; reminds me of some of my past GURPS games. Strong paranoia, intrigue, and action themes so far. Likewise, the Wednesday night Seattle GURPS game is going well. We’ve constructed an impressive ship, gained an Ally Group, got some clues about the “why” of Riverworld, and just recently found a source of malleable metal (before this, the available building materials were limited to human hair and bone, fish hides, tough grass roots, wood, bamboo, rock, and whatever we brought in the parachronic conveyor). Now if we can keep the Zulu and Anasazi tribes off our backs for a while we might be able to build some sort of flying machine to get to one of the poles within our own lifetimes. Had we continued sailing down the river 24/7, we’d probably have died of old age long before we reached a significant area. (A generous estimate put travel time at around 300 years.)

Here’re some pictures from Game-A-Lot.

Charlie and Doug playing Settlers Josh and Full Metal Alchemist mural Matt and Vanessa

The first one is of Charlie and Doug playing Settlers of Catan. I think Anthony actually won that game. The second is Josh standing in front of a Full Metal Alchemist mural Anthony’s cousin is painting on the north wall. The last one is of Matt and Vanessa between games of Emperor Magic. They just started playing with us when they discovered Game-A-Lot about a week ago.

Charlie and Ashlee are having a Halloween costume party on the 28th. I bet it’ll be a lot of fun. Haven’t decided what I’ll go as yet. Brett’s put together a swell Radar O’Reilly costume though.

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  1. ian:

    wut i was told there was no monday game!? and i left u a message yesterday sayin that it chris’s bday today wich is saturday the 21st so thats y we didnt play yesterday :( im upset wit him i really wanted 2 play d20 moderncan we not count last mondays game…? ask kieth 4 me please

  2. Keith:

    Ian. Email me. djnexusATyahooDOTcom

  3. hjo3:

    Ian — Hm, didn’t get the message; my voicemail is showing as empty. Did you use 509 948 5164? I left voicemail and sent a text message to Chris on Monday. Did he lose his phone or something? Anyway, email Keith and I — it’s more reliable. hjo3.netATgmailDOTcom

  4. ian:

    umm i dono :( i wanted 2 play all week 2 thinkin of diffrent stuff my character wants 2 do in modern haha