2:18 am, Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Chris’s Friday night D&D game seemed to go pretty well. I was only present for the first couple hours or so, but we got to kill some duergar couriers. We have a new player this time — an older guy named Palmer. He’s pretty congenial; plays a sorcerer. As for the rest of us, Brandon’s playing a monk, Ian’s a scout, and I’m a paladin. I can’t quite remember what Jay and Anthony are playing ATM.

I missed out on the rest of the session so I could join the Magic tournament at 10:30. It was a slightly atypical booster draft; four boosters instead of three, an ever-decreasing time limit on draft picks, etc. But, for the most part, those deviations made it more fun IMO. I had to go home after the second round since it was so late and I was worried that Looker needed a walk quite badly. I wasn’t exactly in top form for the competition (having gotten up to install lighting fixtures in Renton at 4:30 AM — long story), but I don’t think it would have mattered too much; Charlie’s deck (which went on to tie for 1st place in the tourney) was extremely vicious. It was mainly a thallid deck, but also included some terrifically irksome creatures like Stronghold Overseer.

Keith’s Monday night d20 Modern game started this week. The first session went really well. We had some minor goof-ups, but no one died or got arrested. I’m particularly pleased with the character I managed to create in record time — a Smart Hero with the Technician occupation named Nihar Huyderman. It’s kind of weird to see Chris as a player after only ever knowing him as a GM.

I finished Schild’s Ladder a few days ago. I never did fully grok the quantum mechanics stuff, but it was still enjoyable. The technobabble in this one didn’t confuse me as much as it did in Diaspora. I’m proud to say I actually completely understood the Schild’s Ladder section, which turned out to be a complicated geometry metaphor for how an individual can “stay themself” while continuing to adapt. (Well, it’s a little more in-depth than that, but the existential bits are hard to sum up concisely.) Anyway, I’m now reading Heinlein’s The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. After I finish it, I think I’ll move on to either Niven’s Crashlander or some more Discworld stuff.

Beefy and Jones got me hooked on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, this TV show on NBC. I like the stories and the actors, but there’s a lot of little things about it that annoy me. It just feels so fake. Everyone talks fast, has tons of confidence, is constantly busy, and delivers nauseatingly witty lines at just the right moment. It’s sort of the opposite of The Office. Hopefully it’ll become more realistic (in terms of dialogue and pacing, I mean) as the season wears on.

Peter Parker: Prenatal Avenger

6 Responses to “#723”

  1. ian:

    ya jay is a rouge and anthony is a bard haha it was a interesting game d20 modern was fun

  2. hjo3:

    Ohh yeah… duh! How could I forget? Jay was doing all that stealthy stuff around the duergar and Anthony kept hitting on the female NPCs.

  3. Tim:

    Once, Ben, Elmo (our Cousin) and I killed a fire worm thing. Elmo and I wore it as masks, and Ben wore it as pants. Ben then proceded to scare off a beggar by screaming “BEWARE OF THE FLAMING WORM PANTS!”

    Then I drew it.

  4. Grandma:

    Did you get your package? I hope they were the right ones.

  5. hjo3:

    Re: Tim: …OMG, you guys are weird. :P

    Re: Grandma: Yeah, I did; thanks a lot! I tried to call you but you were playing FFXI. The cards were awesome, thanks!

  6. segen:

    Your Grandma spoils you rotten