9:11 am, Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Alright, I’m back from the Tri-Cities. Not a whole lot happened whilst I was down there; replaced a hard drive on a network terminal, played some board games with Jones and Beefy, podcasted with the aforementioned parties, had dinner with my parents at Anthony’s (fancy seafood place — I had the crabcakes).

On the drive down there I listened to Eats, Shoots & Leaves (probably the best audiobook I’ve heard since Stossel’s last one). Far more entertaining than you’d expect for a collection of essays on punctuation. I also made quite a bit of headway on Schild’s Ladder, which is basically about an ever-expanding sphere of annihilating otherworldly-physics and the people who study it (who are all digital intelligences running on computers in semi-human bodies). I have pretty much the same feelings about it as I had with Diaspora (the last Egan novel I read): Dislike the hyper-technical physics (in this case, quantum mechanics), love the transhumanist themes.

Lots of stuff going on at GameALot lately. I finally got my blue control deck assembled, so we’ve been playing a lot of Magic. Tonight we played a couple games in Emperor format and it performed extremely well. The only thing that really messed me up was when my Memnarch died and I lost any chance I had of stealing some 4/4 angels with protection from all colors. I’m thinking about restructuring the deck to really spotlight Memnarch, then adding some stuff to protect him, like Lightning Greaves and Disappear. But then I’d also need to boost my mana acceleration and draw power, so I dunno… maybe I’ll just make a new deck for that entirely.

The big event this week will be the Time Spiral release on Friday. Anthony’s having a big booster draft tournament that night at 10:30 pm. Pretty excited about that. And the prize sounds like it’ll be pretty boss — the winner gets one booster pack per participant.

Anyway, we played some Carcassone and a lot of Munchkin (plus Star Munchkin). Charlie and Garret were only recently introduced to it and they seem pretty hooked. Here’re some pictures I took (hover over them for descriptions)…

GameALot - Anthony eating pizza and Garret giving a Bronx cheer GameALot - Charlie et al. GameALot - Anthony and Logan

And here’s a picture I meant to post a long time ago of the apartment building I live in (we’re in the second floor unit on the right side of the last stairwell):

Pinewood Village, H building

Oh yeah, and the Seattle GURPS game has really been picking up — Michael dropped out (no big loss, IMHO) and was replaced by Torsten (a friend of Martin’s from Montreal who’s played in a bunch of his past campaigns). We managed to assassinate the second Centrum agent on the 1890s parallel, filed our report, and were immediately sent to a new world. Long story short, it’s basically Riverworld. After a lot of work, we managed to build an empire of the various peoples who spawned in the local strip of river: Slovanians from the 1940s, 15th century Koreans, and ancient Aztecs. Our last session culminated in a war with the ancient Greeks (controlled by the Centrum team) and the lengthy construction of a 15-man sailing ship (with motorized paddlewheels that double as dynamos for powercells). Since slugthrower ammo is very limited, we’re relying primarily on our rechargeable electrolasers.

Christian’s going to be absent next week, but it seems play will continue without him. It should be an interesting session; hopefully we’ll find out what’s at the headwaters of The River.

3 Responses to “#722”

  1. Pat:

    How is the Monday and Friday games going? You all get those started yet?
    Still not able to join yet but maybe later, still interested in seeing how you guys are doing! Hope all is well.

  2. hjo3:

    The first session of the Friday game (Chris’s) was last night. I wasn’t really there for the whole thing as the Magic tournament started at 10:30, but we basically met up in a bar, decided to investigate the blight (crops failing) in a nearby village, then ran into some duergar on the way there. Whatever happened after that, I’m not sure.

  3. ian:

    it was a good game im a scout :) we played d20 modern yesterday it was fun! ya pat we should all get 2 gether and play a game sometime soon