6:33 am, Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Post #720! Bound to be twice as good as post #360. Right? Of course.

So I saw Krunk did one of these personality test things… Normally, I don’t care for this LiveJournalish poppycock, but Krunk’s pretty cool and it didn’t seem too inane. Here’re my results:

Pulseware Personality Test results

Test Yourself · Compare Yourself · View Full Report

‘Course, I’m not sure I trust this site’s analysis — I scored only 1% on morality. WTF, I have decent morals. I mean, I might not pay for every song I download, but it’s not like I’m out there drowning kittens or accepting money from Jack Abramoff. Anyway, if you take the test, post your results URL in the comments. I’d like to see what other people scored.

I just got back from a Game-A-Lot all-nighter… a bunch of guys were there; Josh, Charlie and his girlfriend, Ashley, Derek, Doug, Logan, and this new guy, David. David’s a marine who’s on leave in Fed Way; he just stopped into Game-A-Lot to play some video games, but we got him to play some Magic and Settlers of Catan. Cool guy. We had a big Settlers game — I would’ve won if Josh/Doug’s political machinations hadn’t prematurely nixed my trading options. As it was, Josh should have won (he had 9 points, plus a 1-point development card), but he deferred a turn or two and Derek seized the opportunity.

After that, we played a game of emperor Magic (Charlie, Ashley, and Logan vs. me, Josh, and Derek). It was pretty epic. Basically, Ashley would’ve stomped me with these huge green crits, but the turn before I was to die I managed to get out a Platinum Angel with Aether Vial and attach Whispersilk Cloak to it (I was playing Logan’s angel deck). Thus, I couldn’t lose the game, even though my life total dropped into the negatives and Logan decked me. I actually managed to kill Ashley, but couldn’t attack after that due to Charlie’s War Tax enchantment. But eventually Logan was able to bounce the Whispersilk and the Angel, which made me lose instantly.

I really wish I’d remembered to bring my Magic collection back with me. All my decks were stolen, but I think I could’ve cobbled together something competitive. These Game-A-Lot nights have gotten me jazzed about the game again; been playing a lot of MTGO (mostly my Supersteal deck and Momir Basic).

Justin’s in the Tri-Cities this week. I can’t go down for a variety of reasons, so I was trying to convince them to drive up here for a day or two. No luck though. Oh well, sorry I missed you, Justin! Hopefully we can meet up the next time you’re next on this side of the country — Thanksgiving or Christmas maybe.

My dad gave me some arthritis medicine for Looker. I hadn’t noticed anything wrong with her gait, but it must’ve been there because now she’s way more energetic.

I don’t know who did this little comic, but I thought it was pretty funny. I’m sure some of you can relate.

I'm Not Antisocial - comic

Gah, I gotta eat something… seems like whenever I drink coffee on an empty stomach I feel like I’m going to throw up a few hours later.

Hey, did you know parfait means “perfect” in French? I just learned that today.

Next post: D&D campaign summary and epilogue.

12 Responses to “#720”

  1. segen:

    Neuroticism 72
    Extraversion 94
    Openness To Experience 71
    Agreeableness 17
    Conscientiousness 16

    Well, I tried your little test. Its full of crap.

  2. hjo3:

    Really? Maybe that’s just your 72% neuroticism talking. :P

  3. Tim:

    She’s in your test! She’s killing it’s d00ds!

  4. segen:

    Its said I was disorganized! I’m not disorganized I’m creative, damn it. Don’t you think its weird were opposites on extraversion and agreeableness? I think agreeable is another way to say pushover, don’t you?

  5. hjo3:

    (meekly) Yes, ma’am.

  6. segen:

    Well, I guess your easy. But you’re not cheap.

  7. apoliver84:

    Neuroticism 75
    Extraversion 4
    Openness To Experience 32
    Agreeableness 44
    Conscientiousness 83

    Wow. I’m ruling that mom’s the reason for all this.

  8. hjo3:

    Must be!

  9. Beefy:

    Neuroticism 98
    Extraversion 18
    Openness To Experience 13
    Agreeableness 14
    Conscientiousness 31

    This is full of lies and also lies!

  10. Beefy:

    It basically said I was emo hank. EMO! It said I’m sensitive and get depressed and like stupid bands and have a dumb haircut. Ok…it didn’t actually say those last two things, but I still think it’s full of lies!

  11. hjo3:

    98% neuroticism? Holy cow.

  12. segen:

    Geez, Andi, I had no idea you were so damaged. And Beefy, you poor thing, how do you make it through a day.