2:48 am, Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

I went to the Tri-Cities this weekend (left Thursday morning). It was a lot of fun. Got to see my parents and Jones, Paige, and Beefy. I stayed in the indoor arena apartment this time… It’s weird, but for some reason I always sleep really well on the futon up there, even though the cushion seems way too firm.

General summary of events: GMed a lot of d20 Modern, helped my dad with some stuff (hung a gate, took stuff to the dump), played some new card games, got comics and RPG stuff at Infinite Frontiers, guest hosted on Beefy’s podcast, made our own Apples to Apples decks, read a lot of The Mote in God’s Eye (about two-thirds through now), and got a messenger bag.

The new card games we tried were Mag Blast, King’s Blood, and Guillotine. Mag Blast was okay, but too much of the game depends on luck — victory is like 15% strategy, 85% chance. King’s Blood was fun, though the rules are a little cryptic — on the first read-through it seems overly complex. But it’s really just a dressed up version of Uno. And I don’t have much to say about Guillotine… it’s good in small doses, or as a warm-up game since it’s so simple.

I drove back to Fed Way around noon to attend Chris’s Monday D&D game. Major events unfolded tonight. So much happened that I’ll have to do another post later just to explain it all. The big news is that the current campaign came to an end. Our characters are being retired and will likely appear in the next campaign (same setting, about 10-20 years later) as NPCs. It’s no fluke that this coincides with Chris’s game moving to Friday nights (meaning we’ll lose a couple players). But after spending the last several months waking avatars and fighting the hollow-men, I’m ready for a change of pace. I’ll have to post Kreft’s character sheet here to commemorate his awesome archery abilities.

On the trip here, I listened to the Zombie Survival Guide audiobook. It’s surprisingly serious about the subject matter. I expected some jokes, maybe some short stories. Nope. But it still manages to be interesting, provided you’re a zombie nut (like me).

Here’s something I was working on in SketchUp earlier this evening. It’s a section of a zero-gee structure meant to spin for artificial gravity. I was thinking about some of the issues with O’Neill cylinder (internal) architecture and decided to do a 3D mockup to clarify some things for myself. Isn’t it strange how the doors on the spin-plane have to be wedge-shaped while the perpendicular ones are normal? And then the walls are the opposite — spin-plane walls are of the same thickness throughout, but when rotated 90 degrees their bases have to widen to appear “vertical” from the perspective of the cylinder’s inhabitants.

SketchUp - Spin-Gravity Floorplan

2 Responses to “#719”

  1. full_absolution:

    I own and have read The Zombie Survival Guide like three times. It’s not very funny, but I also find it quite interesting. The author seems to take the issue of an undead holocaust very seriously. :)

  2. hjo3:

    Heh, yeah. It makes me want to build a cinderblock fort out in the woods and stockpile it with canned goods.