12:10 am, Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Some good news on the whole car-break-in thing: I got my Pontiac back from Jim’s Auto Refinishing today. (They’re really awesome, BTW — super helpful. They even cleaned, vacuumed, and washed my car for me!) Also, the manager at Steel Lake Plaza, an apartment complex over on 312th St., called me and said she had some of my books. Turns out she had the entire contents of my briefcase — my clipboard, character sheet, all four of my D&D books, the little plastic tub containing all my favorite dice, my notebook (with the party treasury and Bag of Holding inventory), and all my papers. I was pretty glad to see that stuff again.

Last Saturday, Brett and I had lunch at Bangkok Garden (over by the Barnes & Noble). We both had the pad thai. It was really good, though a little spicier than I was expecting. I think it was slightly better than the pad thai we had at Noodle Ranch in Seattle, though theirs was also very tasty.

Since my car was in the shop for the past five days and Brett works the graveyard shift, I decided to try eating at one of the restaurants in the Korean strip mall next door. (I’d been slightly reticent about such adventures before because very few of these places have English menus or signs. It seemed probable that I could end up accidentally ordering raw duck or something.) I ended up wandering into the one simply named “Chinese Deli.” Turns out they have amazing, dirt cheap teriyaki. Here’s what I brought home for only $4.25:

Chinese Deli - Chicken Teriyaki takeout

There was so much of it, I was barely able to finish it myself.

I’m 170 pages into The Mote in God’s Eye now. The first few chapters were really slow, but it started getting much more interesting after the crew of the MacArthur encountered the first alien from the Mote. The book’s much longer than I’d expected; about 560 pages. At first glance, I’d assumed it was only 300 or so. After this, I plan to read Greg Egan’s Schild’s Ladder, which just arrived in the mail last Thursday.

Been playing a lot of Magic Online lately. I’ve really fine-tuned my mono-blue thief deck. The Dissension set introduced a fantastic sorcery that’s been a great addition — Govern the Guildless. Here’s the current “Supersteal” decklist if anyone wants to check it out. Oh, and MTGO’s new “Momir Basic” format is amazingly fun. Essentially, you make up a deck of basic lands, then get to summon a random creature with a converted mana cost equal to whatever you could generate. All you need to play is 60 lands and the Momir Vig avatar (which only costs about 4 or 5 tickets). And the random creatures are drawn from pool of every magic card ever printed — even stuff from Alliances, Revised, etc. that isn’t normally available on MTGO.

D&D news: At Monday’s game we spent three months looting gigantic gold coins from Boccob’s burial chamber. Our individual shares came to about 40,000 gold pieces. Ian and I were smart enough to launder or convert ours before waking his avatar (who made all original profits disappear). I bought Greater Bracers of Archery, bringing my peak attack bonus to an impressive +19 (while using my enchanted composite longbow). It looks like we’re going to have to move the game to Friday nights instead of Mondays due to Chris’s new work schedule. Also, Pat will probably be dropping out soon (though he might rejoin us after December). Since Keith can’t play on Fridays, he’s going to be starting his own Monday night game; right now, it looks like it’s either going to be D&D (homebrew setting), d20 Modern, or Spycraft. (I’m lobbying for one of the latter two.)

7 Responses to “#718”

  1. Tim:

    That is kickass. I was hoping that you would get your stuff back, one way or the other. I told Ben and Nick about your plight as well, and Nick was especially upset. He’s an official Wizards DM, and is sick of people stealing things that they would never need or use (Nick is Ben’s bro, Ben is the guy who does [did?] Spiffy with me). Good to hear that though. You get all of your Magic Cards back?

  2. hjo3:

    Nah, haven’t seen them since the break-in… but then, I didn’t have my number written on them like with my RPG books.

  3. Beefy:

    I always thought it was weird how you put your name and number on your books cause I was always like, “Who would steal em?” But then I put em on my books as well cause, ya know, I wanted to be cool too.

  4. Hecatomb:

    Good to hear you got at least most of your stuff back. A shame about the magic cards though. Let’s not leave that stuff in your car anymore, ok?

  5. Keith:

    It looks like its going to be D20 Modern unless everyone gets excited about a spycraft game. I’m going to bring one of those books as well as there are a lot of feats in them that would work for D20 Modern.

    One thing I will tell you though. When I run a game I use a few modified rules. All beneficial. One is with Dodge. Characters who take this feat either get a +2 vs one opponent or +1 vs everyone which can be changed during your turn each round.

  6. hjo3:

    lol @ Beefy & Justin

    D20 Modern? Faboo. I got the core book, plus the d20 Weapons Locker, plus the Modern Player’s Companion.

    (I’m in the Tri-Cities till Monday, BTW.)

  7. JediBear:

    It’s good that you got (most of) your stuff back.

    Sadly, I’m a touch busy this weekend, I doubt we’ll be able to connect at any point. :(