7:10 pm, Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Some piece of human garbage broke into my car last night. They punched out the rear partition of the driver’s side backseat window and stole a bunch of stuff. They took my D&D books and dice (and the briefcase I kept them in — a Christmas present from my grandma), my backpack with my GURPS books in it, my Settlers of Catan game, all my Magic decks, a checkbook, and my CD case (which had a bunch of comedy and audiobook discs in it).

Car Theft - side view Car Theft - closeup

They also keyed this little doodle next to the gascap:

Car Theft - keyed symbol

Anyway, I filled out a police report and made arrangements with the insurance company. Also had to close out my checking account with the bank and open a new one (and order new checks). Dropped the car off at Jim’s Auto Refinishing this afternoon… looks like it’s going to cost about $770 to fix. At least my deductible on that is only $100.

A girl called me earlier — she’d found some of my GURPS books lying in the street near the Best Western. (Glad I wrote my name and number in the front of them.) I picked them up from the jewelry shop next to Game-A-Lot, where she was kind enough to leave them for me. They’re really beat up — looks like they got run over a couple times. I got back Characters, Campaigns, and Alternate Earths… looks like my Infinite Worlds sourcebook didn’t make it.

Needless to say, I’m pretty steamed over the whole ordeal. The loss of all my Magic decks probably hurts the most; many of the cards in those were from when I first started collecting, back when Revised was the latest set. Underground Sea, Coat of Arms, Lord of the Undead — there were a lot of great rares in there.

10 Responses to “#717”

  1. Tim:

    I can only imagine the immense rage that you are currently experiencing. I am EXTREMELY sorry for your loss. If I was in your current situation, I would probably track down whoever did this and run them over repeatedly. I hope the cops find this waste of flesh and whatever he might have managed to run off with.

  2. Hecatomb:

    That hurts. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to see that. I don’t understand why people do that sort of thing. Vermin. I’ve still got a few Magic decks that I never use, maybe I can replace a few of your missing cards.

  3. hjo3:

    Thanks a lot, guys!

  4. ian:

    WTF holy crap im sorry man i cant belive people would do stuff like that :/.

    so you lost alot huh?? cause that kinda blows if you did :/ o well will talk l8ter srry man

  5. JediBear:

    It’s amazing how senseless this stuff is. Hopefully the mark the guy left will help identify him to police…:P

  6. Beefy:

    Never underestimate Korean gangstas. They’ll do anything for a quality briefcase.

    Seriously though, that sucks. Sorry buddy. I was looking forward to seeing ya this weekend.

  7. Keith:

    Crappy Day! It sucks when people steal stuff that has no value to them, but to you it means alot. Many years ago my wife had her car broken into right in front of my house. They took a backpack that had her personal journal in it and some books. Nothing in there could be sold for more than a dollar but to her that journal was priceless.

  8. Krunk:

    Sorry to hear about this. How did this happened? Parked in a bad neighborhood? or is this where you usually park? As my dad always tells me, never to put anything that is valuable or looks valuable in plain sight.

    I hope you’ll be able to retrieve more of your stuff. Will the insurance be covering your other loses? or just your car’s damage?

    //krunk (^_^x)

  9. hjo3:

    I was parked in front of our apartment complex (of course, I’ll be parking inside the complex from now on).

    The only things that were visible inside the car that could possibly be considered “valuable” were my backpack and an aluminum CD case. The briefcase was hidden, and there were just a couple smallish, old carboard boxes on the front passenger seat.

    Insurance is covering the damage, but probably not the property loss (which would have a $500 deductible anyway).

    Thanks for the commiserations, everyone.

  10. Beefy:

    Obviously when I move to Fed Way I’ll have to fight crime like this. I will rid the streets of crime because justice will be on my side!