7:21 am, Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

I’ll begin this post with a couple recent items that were a source of bountiful delight to me. Number A: On Sunday night it was revealed to me that Paige (Paige!) is a b-tard. For those of you not in-the-know, that might sound like an insult. But quite the contrary: It simply means she frequents 4chan’s “random” imageboard. In fact, over the past week I’d actually seen some posts that made me think, “OMG, that looks like something Paige would write!” And lo and behold, I asked Jones (who asked Paige) and it was confirmed that she was the true author. A funny coincidence, for sure.

Secondly, I made some new friends at Game-A-Lot. Our Monday D&D game was canceled yesterday, but I didn’t learn this until I’d arrived. Jay and his dad were there playing video games, so I dug out Munchkin and we (and Anthony) played a couple games. Then they had to leave, so I played Dead Rising on one of Anthony’s Xbox 360s for an hour. (Great game, BTW. The only problem with it is that the message text is way too small on a normal sized TV with RCA jacks — it’s blurred just enough that about 75% of the words are unreadable. It’d probably be legible on a big screen or with a high-def connection.)

Anyway, after that I saw some guys setting up The Game of Life. I’d seen them at the store before; they often played Magic in the evenings while Chris’ D&D game was going. I aksed if they wanted a fourth player and, thus, I was introduced to Josh, Leah, and white-Anthony (a designation I’ll use here to distinguish him from Korean-Anthony, who runs Game-A-Lot). I think Josh won with about 2.1 million dollars; I came in second with 1.6 million. (How sick is it that Hasbro measures your success in life by the amount money you accrue?) After that we played a couple games of Settlers of Catan, then some Magic. During this time, I met Steve-O (a mechanic, not the celebrity) and Logan.

Then today I got a call from Josh and a bunch of us met up at Game-A-Lot for Settlers of Catan and Magic. This time, I also met Charlie and Doug. They’re all awesome people — the sort who quote Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, get excited by clever Magic card combos, and play every game with cutthroat win-at-all-costs tactics.

I was having some problems with my site in Opera — apparently a change in the 9.01 version of the browser made it handle certain CSS properties differently, such that the “Previous Entries” link at the bottom of each of my blog pages became unclickable. The talented Filosofo and HandySolo helped me fix it in this thread, over at the WordPress.org support forum.

This site, “The Joint,” is a virtual building filled with rooms designed (and sometimes animated) by different users in a isometric/pixel-art style. Apparently you can submit your own rooms.

I made some “stripy wallpapers” for my desktop and organized my favorite ones on this page, along with a tutorial for people who’d like to make their own. It’s also linked off the sidebar under the “Stuff” section.

Here, enjoy these Golden Gate Bridge suicide statistics.

Golden Gate Bridge suicide statistics

2 Responses to “#716”

  1. Paige:

    Despite what you have been led to believe, I have never made a single post on 4chan. Sorry to disappoint.

    I’d post up some of my favorite pics trawled from /b/, but I have no idea how.

  2. hjo3:

    So Jones… Jones fibbed? To me? What a cad.

    Hm, good idea… I need to find a plugin that lets people upload images.

    BTW, my car was broken into last night, lots of stuff stolen; post to come later.