9:45 pm, Friday, September 1st, 2006

Aside from Nerdcore Night at the Shark Club in Kirkland, not a whole lot happened this week. GURPS was called off on account of a player schedule conflict (shouldn’t be a problem in the future if we can recruit some more). And there was no D&D, as our GM was off in London (enjoying the vacation he won in a radio contest). But Ian and I met up at Game-A-Lot and played a rousing game of Settlers of Catan with Anthony.

Nerdcore Night was fun. Beefy’s performance went over really well. Some guy even bought me a drink just because I knew him! We talked about it a lot on Beefy’s podcast, so I won’t rehash the various anecdotes from that evening here.

My grandparents sent me a Barnes & Noble gift card as a belated birthday present this week (thanks!), so this morning I made use of it. I got some 1970s sci fi classics (The Mote in God’s Eye, Crashlander, and The Gods Themselves), Lords and Ladies (a discworld book), and Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings (the second Penny Arcade collection).

I discovered Shin-Chan on Adult Swim last week. Definitely the funniest Japanese animation I’ve ever seen. Much funnier than Azumanga Daioh. And the ending theme song is really good — here’s a YouTube video of it. It’s a little ohrwurm-y, like the “Doncha Wanta Fanta” jingle.

I’m going to try to see The Illusionist in Auburn tonight. It’s got a really good rating on Rotten Tomatoes (75% ATM, 96% amongst users only).

Nerdcore Night at The Shark Club in Kirkland -- Aug. 27th

2 Responses to “#714”

  1. Beefy:

    Poor FSR got their name all hacked up. Although if there were groups called The Sex Robotz and the Futuristic I’d totally check em out.

  2. hjo3:

    Yeah. So was Monzy a last-minute addition to the lineup then? Cuz he’s not listed on the site or the panel there.