3:26 am, Saturday, August 26th, 2006

I’m writing this post for the second time because I accidentally hit the reset switch with my foot while idly contemplating what to add to the end of the previous draft. Usually, I hit the “save and continue editing” button every few paragraphs to avoid such catastrophes. But, obviously, I forwent that precaution tonight. So here’s a crude recreation of my now-lost-forever entry:

Beefy showed up here last night. He’s staying the weekend to attend PAX, get interviewed for some nerdcore documentaries, and perform live at a Kirkland bar. Jones and Paige were supposed to come up too, but I guess they couldn’t make it for some reason. Anyway, Beefy and I played Carcassonne last night, then again today over at Game-A-Lot with Anthony. We had to leave that second game while it was in progress to catch the 9:25 showing of Little Miss Sunshine (we came back and finished it after the movie — Beefy won).

Beefy in Federal Way
Beefy in Fed Way.

Little Miss Sunshine was excellent. Funny, sad, sweet; made my eyes leak a few times. By Hollywood standards, it’s pretty unconventional. They avoided all the banal cliches you see in comedic adventure films. (“Comedic adventure” is a poor designation for this movie. It might be technically accurate, but something like this doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with National Lampoon’s Vacation.) I was slightly vexed that they left some subplots unresolved (i.e. Richard’s business problems, Frank’s career and rivalry with Dr. Sugarman, etc.), but I suppose the story would’ve lost a lot of impact if they’d taken time to focus on those parts. Anyway, great movie — I’d definitely put it in my top twenty, maybe my top ten.

I recently acquired (okay, downloaded) some new albums: OK Go’s first two and, embarrassingly, Paris. I loathe Paris Hilton, but damned if I can’t stop listening to this Stars Are Blind MP3.

Okay, gotta go to bed. Here’s an awesome high-res Naboo landscape I snatched from 4chan/hr. BTW, I’ll be on Beefy’s podcast this Sunday.

Naboo Landscape (digital matte painting)
456 KB

4 Responses to “#713”

  1. Krunk:

    Where did you get that Nabu photo. It looks awesome!

    //krunk (^_^x)

  2. hjo3:

    Right here (4chan imageboard). Careful, the content isn’t very regulated; some adult material occasionally crops up.

    I love that pic — it’s my desktop ATM. :)

  3. Beefy:

    The podcast was so amazing it made my site go down…cause of the awesomeness.

  4. hjo3:

    Yup. It might as well say “509 Awesomeness Limit Exceeded” instead. :P

    How’d that happen, anyway? Don’t you host all the really big files on wefightcrime.org?

    Let me know if you need space and bandwidth — I have a major surplus of both. (The only thing I can’t afford to spare is CPU cycles.)