12:56 am, Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Brett gave me an incredibly keen birthday present after he got off work this morning: Two bottles of propane for my grill (it goes through them pretty fast), Maddox’s Alphabet of Manliness, and an ice cream maker! I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow (the unit’s core has to freeze for 24 hours prior to use). I think I’ll try making some butter pecan first, then maybe coconut after that. Maddox’s book is pretty good; I’m like three-eighths through it already. The illustrations are especially badass.

D&D was eventful tonight, though things seemed to go kind of slowly (mainly due to some pointless/time-consuming PC actions). Highlights: I leveled (woot), we met a 20 million+ year old guy (Severance, an unbelievably proficient warrior), found a magic-sapping island, finally got inside Boccob’s tomb, and killed a really difficult fire elemental. There was some major storyline advancement that filled in a lot of gaps in the whole sleeper/immortal mystery. I’d explain, but it’s pretty involved and I don’t like doing the huge multi-page posts. Besides, how many people actually read this stuff, anyway?

I just saw on Digg that Stargate SG-1 has been canceled by SciFi. OMGWTF! Argh. Here’s hoping some other network picks it up…

ScrapeTorrent makes finding media and software easier. Now there’s no need to search multiple sites for the best seed/leech ratio.

And, finally, something amusing from WAKAchan.

Seinfeld Star Wars poster
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4 Responses to “#712”

  1. segen:

    I read you blog all th etime but some of the tech D & D stuff is a bit dry. I do like the story line info.

  2. Tim:

    I personally enjoy monitoring how he plays. Brings up some interesting ideas for future campaigns.

  3. hjo3:

    Oh, hah — thanks for the input, guys!

  4. Beefy:

    Hank keeps a blog?!? Since when?