3:07 am, Monday, August 14th, 2006

Woo, finally finished my elf ranger miniature (the Niriodel model from Reaper). Did two coats of spray-on finish and flocked the base just a little while ago. This mini was kind of a pain because it came with the left hand and bow as a separate peice that I had to super glue on. The LASIK makes it kind of hard to look at stuff really close up, so I think I might get one of those magnifying lights the next time I try painting one of these.

Elf miniature

After reviewing the Order of the Bow Initiate prestige class in great detail, I decided the Arcane Archer was a better deal in the long run. The catch with that one is that I have to be able to cast arcane spells before I can take it. So, having leveled last session, I decided to become a Ranger 6/Duskblade 1. This way, I fulfill the arcane spell req. and I get that oh-so-important +1 to my base attack bonus. Next level: Arcane Archer (and the sweet Enhance Arrow +1 ability).

All the apartment buildings in our complex are getting repainted. Fortunately, ours was first (so we didn’t have to live with plastic over the windows for as long as the guys across the alley). Anyway, instead of a semi-dark gray, the place is now a periwinkle blue. I’ll post some pictures after they paint the shutters and trim.

Venture Bros. was really good this week. Better than the last episode overall, though that one had some funnier lines (“What’s more important than your family, Richard?!” “…ssss–science?”). Colbert is so great as Prof. Impossible.

Stargate Atlantis, OTOH, has taken a nosedive. I’ve never been crazy about the replicator storylines (even on SG-1) and hauling them into Atlantis when there’s an abundance of better story opportunities just seems kind of cheap to me. How about checking in on the Genii again instead? And what happened to the gates-across-the-intergalactic-void project from last week?

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