5:33 am, Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Okay, so I thought I’d begin this post with some really keen links I thought worthy of sharing with everyone: Ted’s Caving Page — this is an awesome (albeit kind of long) scary story I was telling Jones about last week. It kind of drags in places, but that gives it more of an authentic feeling, IMHO.

Secondly, there’s this sub-microscopic (nanoscopic? picoscopic?) picture of the tip of a tungsten needle. You can actually see the movement of individual atoms on the surface of the instrument!

And thirdly, I have this nifty article about the possible decline of general purpose CPUs. I think the idea of a thousand-cored poly-specialized processor would make for an interesting element in some science fiction story.

I started doing SETI@home again, mainly to test my new CPU (and marvel at each core processing a different work unit simultaneously). Here’re the BOINC stats for my new hardware, if anyone cares. Over 800 points of credit in less than a week — not too shabby. It’s a huge improvement over my old Athlon XP 2500+. Some pics from the installation:

The new motherboard and processor The new system fully assembled

Speaking of the upgrade, I decided to reformat my primary HD and reinstall everything. Also took the opportunity to make some changes to my ObjectDock and some other GUI elements — here’s a current screenshot:

My Desktop
(1680×1050; 399 KB)

So earlier this evening I got a call from Phil. He’s over here visiting Sheree after spending some time vacationing with his grandfather in Alaska. He, Sheree, and Adam (Sheree’s S.O.) came over and we talked and laughed for a few hours. Turns out Adam’s something of a movie buff and everyone had interesting anecdotes to share, so it was pretty lively conversation. I made ‘em all sit for a photo for the blog — voila:

Phil, Sheree, and Adam (and Looker)
(1200×829; 251 KB)

Phil’s changed a lot from the last time I saw him (grew out his hair and added a beard). So has Sheree — she’s lost weight. This was my first time meeting Adam, but he seems pretty cool.

Here are some cuisine pics I’ve been saving for a while: Delicious Akasaka sushi (257 KB), my attempt at homemade potato chips (they were pretty good; 138 KB), my fish stick lunch from a couple days ago (154 KB), and some cake I made (chocolate with pink vanilla icing and sprinkles; 118 KB).

Might as well add these too, since I seem to be clearing out the “to-be-posted” image folder — on the left, a couple turns into a Risk game between Brett and I; on the right, a game of Carcassonne we played on Thursday.

Risk game with Brett Carcassonne game with Brett

Not much else to report. I saw a guy get tackled for shoplifting at Rite Aid tonight — he tried to walk out with three cases of beer after 2:00 AM and the pharmacist totally kicked his ass and held him on the floor till a cop showed up. The guy tried to play like he was the victim, but everyone just laughed at him. Brett had a lunch break at 2:30, so we went to Jack in the Box and yakked about the scuffle while we ate.

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