9:53 pm, Friday, July 21st, 2006

Man, the spambots are really hitting this blog hard all of a sudden… I’ve gotten about twenty spam comments in the past week. Fortunately, WordPress allows me to kill them all in moderation so none of the junk has gone live. I figure if/when the average per-day spam gets above 10 comments I’ll install Akismet (it sure seems to work well for Krunk).

I saw Clerks II earlier today — the 5:15 pm showing. Best movie I’ve seen this year. Yep, even better than Thank You for Smoking. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much (especially the “pillowpants” scene… OMG). I think it’s even better than the first one. Heh, if you’d told me six years ago that Clerks II would be made twelve years after the first movie and that it’d be in color, have a dance/musical sequence in it, a surprising number of racial slurs and that it would be better than the original, I’d have called you a liar. I think it’s my new favorite Kevin Smith movie (a rank previously held by Dogma). Just fantastic. BTW, if anyone has a copy of the messages at the end of the credits, post it in the comments below… many of them went by too quickly for me to read.

I finally saw the first episode of Psych. I liked it… fairly funny, very likable main characters, an adequately interesting mystery. Definitely leaving its season pass on the TiVo.

I’ve been collecting these cheap little D&D miniatures for a while now. They’re a great value versus the traditional lead ones — they come pre-painted and they’re made of a pretty flexible plastic so they’re hard to break. I suppose some folks might prefer greater detail for their heroes, but these are still good for monsters and enemy combatants. I paint the bases of mine yellow to keep from accidentally losing them in other people’s collections and they store really well in adjustable storage cases ($3.00 ea. at Lowe’s). Here’s my current collection (minus a few larger minis).

D&D minis in case
(1000×598; 120 KB)

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