12:16 am, Saturday, July 15th, 2006

The big seven-oh-oh. Hard to believe I’ve written that many posts… Some semi-interesting statistics: Since switching to WordPress 65 posts ago, I’ve written 25,522 words (for an average of 392.6 words per post). Site traffic is holding steady at 500 MB per day. The whole wing-dang-doodle is taking up 379.9 MB of space, including email. A mere 0.79 MB of that is the actual MySQL database.

Season three of Stargate: Atlantis premiered earlier tonight. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to watch… really cool stuff. Atlantis is so much better than SG-1 now, IMO. I love that Michael (the semi-human wraith) is back on the team’s side. And now they have three major starships — the Tau’ri-built Prometheus, the Ancient-built Orion, and (as of s3e01) the wraith hive ship. I wonder if the next Stargate spinoff will be more of a Star Trek: Voyager kind of thing. That’d be pretty cool.

Last night I grilled some steaks (round tip — they were cheap) and made some mashed potatoes and country (i.e. white) gravy to go with ‘em. For today’s dinner, I combined that leftover gravy with a can of cream of mushroom soup and used it as the glue in a chicken-broccoli-fusilli casserole. Topped it with freshly grated romano cheese. It came out pretty awesome, but next time I think I’ll use more “glue” and a bread-crumb top-crust.

Did you know Steve Jackson Games has started doing podcasts? I listened to the first one all the way through. It was pretty cool to be able to hear what Dr. Kromm, Ken Hite, and Steve himself sound like. Steve’s voice kinda surprised me. Oh yeah, and Shadlyn Westrich (the current Warehouse 23 manager) was on there too with a fun endorsement of the Lunch Money card game. I find it hard to sit at my computer and listen to podcasts (or at least pay attention to them anyway), so I think I’ll just download SJG’s bi-weekly “Fnordcasts” and burn them onto a CD-R the next time I have to make a long road trip.

Forgot to mention my Tuesday GURPS game with Martin got pushed back to Wednesday the 19th. I really need to get him my character. It’s going to be a Maj. Carter/MacGuyver-type with the Quick Gadgeteer advantage.

Just got my Maxtor 300 GB hard drive installed in an external enclosure and hooked up to my laptop through IEEE 1394. Now that it’s formatted with NTFS, I just have to hook it up to my desktop so I can backup the failing primary on there (the 120 GB Maxtor). Then I think I’m going to install Boot Camp on my iMac so it’ll run Windows XP and use that as my main machine. Stat-wise, it’s better than my desktop in every way but disk space (which is hardly a problem now with my two external HDs). All I’m really waiting on is a display adapter (ordered from the Apple store) so I can hook it up to my widescreen LCD.

Planning to go see A Scanner Darkly in Tacoma tomorrow. I have high expectations, despite Joe’s endorsement. Looks like a lot of good things are coming out on the 21st — I’m really looking forward to Clerks II and Lady in the Water, and (to a lesser extent) Monster House and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

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