9:46 pm, Friday, June 23rd, 2006

My mom came up from Pasco to stay here Sunday night so she could catch a very early flight out of SeaTac Monday morning (she’s going to some dog show in Michigan, I think). She brought a ton of frozen hamburger and took Brett and I to dinner at Akasaka, so that was cool. I couldn’t believe how much traffic there was on I-5 at 6:00 AM…

So, Monday’s D&D game: The wizard we were fighting last week got away on foot (damn teleportation spells), but we caught her horse. Had to put it down due to a compound fracture on one of the legs. Pulled all our tack off it, plus two heavy lockboxes (one turned out to be a Chest of Holding, the other might be a portal to the elemental plane of fire). Then we drew straws and had the thief pull a switch at the entrance of the dungeon which turned out to be a kind of “emergency lockdown” trigger (which was exactly what we needed). We took the warforged and the lockboxes to Armis (the gnome with the keep near Taffis, who we met during our first adventure). He still had our old NPC cleric working for him and had made some improvements to his fortress.

Atfer a day or two resting there, we traveled to Seylinvirsin, the port city, and sold a lot of loot. Then we set off to find some unidentified point on the giant map we took from the first dungeon/stronghold; I think it was only about three days from the port city. But along the way we ran into a giant (turned out to be friendly) and were attacked by some orcs and an ogre on our first night in the mountains. We captured one of the orcs and grilled him for information; turned out he was part of a large tribe (~40 orcs ruled by a slaad chieftain) who was using human and elf slaves to mine for gems. We eventually decided to launch an assault on their cave to rescue the slaves. Managed to get the giant to help us and Anthony entered the game with a level 3 rogue. The battle was long and I nearly died (fell unconscious with -3 hitpoints and three orcs standing over me). Shay (Jay) healed me just in time for my ranger to help take out a few stragglers and get a couple shots in on the slaad.

Got some awesome loot from the mission… lots of gemstones. Also made 4th level. None of the people I mentioned in my last post joined this week’s game, but they finished their characters and another friend of theirs, David, rolled up a sorcerer for next time (and wrote a detailed background). I’m not sure if they’ll all become regulars; Chris implied that he’d be screening players more carefully now. Plus they seem to have slightly limiting schedules. To be honest, I’m half hoping we don’t have full attendance next week — if we do, the group will be huge. Me, Ian, Jay, Keith, Pat, David, Anthony, and the three new guys… that’s nine players!

Been exchanging email with a guy I met on the SJG forums named Martin. He just moved to Seattle and wants to run an Infinite Worlds game. I’m definitely in favor of the idea, but we need two or three more players. I had been corresponding with another guy in Tukwila about a zombie RPG, but it turned out he’s using it as a way to playtest a new system (something I’d rather not suffer through). Really, I don’t know why anybody would feel the need to invent a new role-playing system when there are so many out there already. FUDGE, d20, GURPS, HERO, and BESM all work well and they’re just the major universal systems.

Been reading a collection of Phillip K. Dick short stories… so far, the only ones I’ve liked are The Golden Man and The Hanging Man.

This 1980s Apple II ditty is pretty awesome.

Here’s the dinner I made last night — mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Really scrundelescent. Having the leftovers for dinner tonight.

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes

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