1:45 am, Friday, June 16th, 2006

I forgot to mention that we’re getting three new players for our D&D game. A couple people saw us gaming on Monday and asked our DM if they could join the campaign. They returned much later that evening with a third guy and rolled up characters. They should enter play next week; I believe their classes will be bard, cleric, and warmage.

Brett got a job at the airport. I’m going to SeaTac with him tomorrow morning so he can get fingerprinted (he already did the drug test on Wednesday).

I saw Cars at the Starplex this evening. Typical Pixar fare; it was fantastic. The tow truck, Mater, got a little too much screen time, but that’s a minor complaint. All the voice-acting was top notch, especially Paul Newman as the Hudson Hornet. I was a little curious about a feature on the old police car in the movie: It had these straight wires sticking out from under it near the wheels. Turns out they’re “curb feelers.” First time I’d seen them — only realized what they were because of a neon sign shown later in the film. After thinking about it for a bit, they seem like a really good idea. I could sure use some when I have to park on the street. I guess they just don’t put them on cars these days since they look like they’d be prone to breaking off. Or people think they detract from the aesthetics.

Anyway, it was a really enjoyable movie. The short shown at the beginning, One Man Band, was really good too. Maybe not quite as good as Boundin’, but funnier. And definitely better than For the Birds. I’m sure I’ll pick up the Cars DVD when it’s released.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.3, but when I realized I’d have to redo my plugins, php edits, and CSS I decided it was too much work and just restored my backup. Figured I’d wait on upgrading till 2.1.0 gets released. I did take a look at some archive plugins though — I’m now using Justin Blanton’s Smart Archives. Check out my new archives page here. Snazzy, no? I love it since it frees up a lot of space in the sidebar. I had to edit his php to get it to display the way I wanted, but now I’m quite satisfied with the look and functionality. To use it, I had to install Exec-PHP, which is really handy.

Kay, gotta get to bed.

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