12:30 am, Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Monday’s D&D game was awesome. We met at Game-A-Lot, here in Federal Way. The owner, Anthony, is really cool about letting us play there. He doesn’t even charge us, plus he has refrigerated drinks and candy bars for sale. And his place is right next to Ivar’s and Taco Time (he doesn’t mind if you eat away from the computers). Oh, and he’s open till midnight. The whole time we were there at least a half-dozen guys were playing World of Warcraft together on one side of the room… almost made me want to pick up that MMO again.

But anyway, the game: This week it was me, Ian, and Keith (and Jay a lot later, around 10 or so). We cleared out the whole dungeon with the exception of an old vampire who laughed at us and turned to mist. (Before I realized what he was, I had tried to avoid a skirmish by telling him, “Let’s just go our separate ways; I don’t want to have to hurt you.” Now I’m sure that’s going to come back to bite me in the ass…) The complex was mostly filled with undead in the form of zombies and mummies. Our thief was nearly killed by a mimic disguised as a treasure chest.

The major reveal of the session was that the dungeon was actually a secret base of operations for a war that ended nearly half a century ago. Besides some super-keen magic items (a +1 bastard sword of shock, an everfull goblet of water, and a ring of swimming), we found a room used to produce warforged (which in our DM’s setting, based loosely on Eberron, have been “extinct” ever since the great war). We also found a portal to what seems to be another dimension which may or may not be the home of Bahamut, the dragon god. After returning to town to sell loot and grab some healing potions, we returned to the dungeon to check on our warforged. One had left on its own, but the other three were still there, one of whom might be willing to adventure with us permanently. The session ended with Iffa (Ian) and I battling a fairly powerful female magic user who’d been shadowing us (and stole our tack and killed Dawn).

Best munchkiny parts of the game for me: I made level three (got the Precise Shot feat) and traded my composite longbow for a masterwork one which I had enchanted with +1. Hoody hoo!

Beefy was interviewed by Hipster, please! for an article that went live on Monday. Très nifty.

Saw this hilarious (IMHO) exchange on Overheard in New York yesterday:

Woman: Who do you think would win a fight between Ann Coulter and Maureen Dowd?
Man: A fight?
Woman: Yeah, you know, a death match.
Man: I’m gonna go with Ann Coulter.
Woman: You think? They both wear long, spikey heels. They could put each other’s eyes out pretty fast.
Man: But Ann Coulter would be like, “Rock on, I’m in a death cage!” And Maureen Dowd would be like, “Wait, what am I doing in a death cage?”

I dislike some of Ann Coulter opinions and tactics, but I do admire her tenacity. I’m tremendously amused by the idea of her exclaiming “Rock on!” at the opportunity to dismember a liberal columnist.

This French CG animation (link shamelessly stolen from Krunk) is really awesome. Funny, beautiful, fast-paced — definitely worth a couple minutes of anyone’s time.

Brett and I had dinner at Akasaka tonight. OMFG, their sushi is glorious. It’d been quite a while since I’d had any too; last time was at Wild Fish before I moved back in April. Great stuff. We also had one of their Rainier rolls, which is basically shrimp tempura rolled in rice and topped with raw tuna and salmon, urchin paste, and some sort of sweet wasabi sauce. There’s some other stuff in it too, but I couldn’t identify it. Delicious, though.

I’ve been watching Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. (It’s the only reality TV I watch besides Top Chef.) So far this season has been pretty good; better than the first, anyway. It’s embarrassingly engrossing — I’ve been trying to google the details behind her divorce from Matt, but no luck. Damn Beefy for getting me hooked on this show.

Kay, this post is getting pretty long, so I’ll wrap it up with three really quick notes. A: Played a little City of Villains for the first time (on the 14-day free trial) — interesting, lots of wonderfully diverse characters, but not as fun as WoW when all’s said and done. B: Check out this YouTube video if you like Monkey Island, catchy piano music, or any combination thereof. C: I tried Coca-Cola Blāk and liked it.

Coca-Cola Blak 4-pack

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  1. Beefy:

    “Damn Beefy for getting me hooked on this show.”

    You’re totally welcome. That whole stuff with the end of the ebay auction was so painful. Great stuff.

    And Coke Blak just tastes like cold coffee with Coke in it. If you’d like I can make you all the Coke Blak you want for like $15.