1:48 am, Monday, June 12th, 2006

Hm, really neglected updating for a while again… But don’t worry, you haven’t missed much. The GURPS Play-by-Post is progressing well. Everyone’s turned in a character; now I’m just waiting for a few people to make revisions so we can begin play.

No D&D game last week — most of the group couldn’t make it, the DM was tired, and I didn’t want to face that dungeon with only a knight, my ranger, and a cleric. But this week’s game will go on as scheduled at Game-A-Lot here in Federal Way. Keith’s sure to be there, which is good since his duskblade is a major asset.

I finally saw Jesus is Magic (got the DVD at Best Buy for like $12). The way Sarah Silverman acted, her “stand-up persona” I guess you could say, got a little wearing sometimes and I’ve always thought the Amazing Grace routine was stupid, but those were the only things I didn’t like. Everything else was great. Very funny. I’m tempted to buy the soundtrack simply for her “I Love You More” song.

I discovered an interesting trick for sorting sidebar link categories in WordPress: Just add spaces to the beginning of a category name to make it appear at the top (three spaces precedes two spaces, and so on). And the spaces don’t actually appear when the page displays. A neat little hack, but it’s kind of dumb that they didn’t include a feature to more easily change the category order. Anyway, you might notice that I added a GURPS section over on the right with my updated 4th edition house rules.

A while ago I saw an ad for these mashed-potato bowls at Kentucky Fried Chicken. At first, I thought the idea was disgusting… It seemed equivalent to putting an otherwise nice meal in the blender. But then it started to grow on me. When Brett and I went there for lunch the other day I got one and it was phenomenal. I’ve had a few of them since then and never been disappointed. The only thing that makes them even better, IMHO, is adding a small bowl of KFC’s macaroni and cheese on top. If you haven’t tried one of these bowls, find the nearest Colonel’s franchise and get one. They’re cheap too — only about $4.

I’ve been watching Aeon Flux since MTV2′s been airing the episodes at night after Invader Zim. A lot of it seems kind of weird-for-weird’s-sake, but some of the episodes are really good. It makes me want to check out The Maxx TV series. BTW, did you know the creator of Aeon Flux, Peter Chung, also worked on Rugrats? How bizarre is that?

Here’s a meal Brett and I made a week ago… I made the rice, chopped the vegetables, and marinated the meat, he cooked the actual stir fry. It was really good. I like this basmati rice we got at Costco; it was only $5 and change for 25 lbs.

(600×502; 64 KB)

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