2:29 pm, Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

I finally got that tall dresser from IKEA assembled. Really looks awesome in my room. After I got it put together, I decided to do a ton of laundry so I could fill it (and my hamper had been overflowing for a while). Getting things more organized in my bedroom spurred me to tack up the other posters I hadn’t yet unrolled… The west-facing wall is now covered in pictures from The Walking Dead, Rocky Horror, Panic! at the Disco, Appleseed, and Ranma ½.

Yesterday was our D&D group’s second session. Patrick was absent this time, but we picked up another player, Jay, who ran a half-dragon cleric. Jay’s in the army, so he’ll probably miss a lot of games. But the DM has said he’ll run his character as an NPC when he’s not there.

Anyway, we had to escape from this gnome’s tower at the beginning of the session, but there was a homicidal wood golem in the way. I think we were only three rounds into the battle when I scored a critical hit on it with my longbow — took its head right off with one shot (doing 19 damage). Then we had to deal with the logistical nightmare of transporting four stone statues ~175 miles. Along the way, we picked up Jay’s character, Shay, who was camping near the entrance to some horrible, ancient dungeon. After getting the statues back to Merrolynne, collecting our reward, getting the knight cleared of arson charges, and some equipment upgrading (I now have a composite longbow that allows me to apply my +3 STR bonus to arrow damage), we set off for the dungeon. It’s shaping up to be a lot of fun. We killed a wight (thanks in large part to Keith critting with his longsword) and found a council chamber before things wrapped up for the night. This game’s pacing was much better than the first session’s. Like the DM said, everyone’s starting to find their niche.

Our old GURPS group is starting up a play-by-post game. Everyone’s on board right now except Paige, but I know she’s really busy over in Bellingham. I was surprised Hanwool replied — that guy never checks his email. Don’t know what setting we’ll be using… Justin’s voted for a supers game, Beefy favors something like Theomundi or Hunter: The Reckoning, and Jones has suggested steampunk. I’m pretty psyched about this thing — it’ll be awesome having the old group back together.

BTW, if you have a Thriftway near you try the spicy beef sticks they keep in their deli case. Those things are amazing, and much cheaper than Oh Boy! Oberto.

2 Responses to “#690”

  1. Jonesy:

    I talked to Paige yesterday and she’s as exited as the rest of us about this PBP game. also i demand a pic of your walking dead poster.

  2. hjo3:

    Awesome! And here’s a quick snapshot of the poster:

    Walkind Dead poster

    I think Dan sold it to me for like $4… it was some promotional thing that’s usually only distributed to comic vendors.