11:18 pm, Friday, May 26th, 2006

I changed some stuff on the site… The header now has a larger, centered title in a much better font and I created a FAQ page (also linked under “Navi” in the sidebar). The site probably didn’t actually need a FAQ, but I wanted to centralize some details that I thought were important. Like proper credit for the artist of the header image.

At our last D&D game, the DM announced that anyone who gave him a 1-page PC background could advance their character one level. I wrote mine and emailed him, but I haven’t heard back yet. I went ahead and leveled-up Kreft (my elf ranger) anyway. At second level I was able to take the archery combat style, so now I can fire two arrows per round at +5 to attack (+6 if the targets are within 30 feet, thanks to my Point Blank Shot feat). Pretty neat. Next level I plan to take the Precise Shot feat to negate the -4 penalty for shooting at targets engaged in melee combat.

I saw X-Men 3 at 6:00 pm tonight. Overall, I liked it. Much better than I’d expected. There were a few corny lines and some plot developments that didn’t sit well with me though. (Minor spoiler warning.) The death of two major characters bothered me since there was still tons of story potential for each of them. I suspect they’ll bring back one or both, but that would be such a big cop-out… plus it cheapens the Phoenix/Jean Grey resurrection. Kelsey Grammer was awesome — Beast’s “stars and garters” catch-phrase seemed totally in character with Frasier saying it, unlike the horribly lame “clobberin’ time” and “aunt Petunia” references made by the Thing in Fantastic Four. And who couldn’t love a superhero named Hank?

The picture below is made up of photos of my new swing-top bottles (from Specialty Bottle) filled with Darjeeling/Lipton iced tea, some really good fried rice Brett made Wednesday night, and the lunch I made yesterday (reheated chicken Kiev, a ghetto version of Welsh rarebit, and steamed zuchinni).

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