2:39 pm, Friday, May 12th, 2006

Well, Beefy’s out of the competition. Somehow I really thought he’d win this one… I imagined he’d defend his title as The Only Man to Ever Win the IMBC for a few years at least. Decades from now, winners would have been awarded the Keith A. Moore Medal of Fortitude. But now it seems to me that full_absolution will probably be the victor this year. Oh, and M.C. Jamez dropped out yesterday. Exciting times for the IMBC.

It turns out that eliminating the paging file on my computer only erased the symptom, and not the cause, of my lock ups. The cause is actually my 120 GB Maxtor hard drive failing. When I originally ran diagnostics on the primary master disk, I accidentally targeted the SATA Hitachi drive (which is also a “primary master,” just off an expansion card instead of the motherboard). Dclive on AnandTech helped me realize my error. Now I need to backup about 100 gigs of data and RMA the drive through Maxtor (luckily, my warranty doesn’t expire until 8/23/06). This is the second time I’ve had a Maxtor drive die on me… From now on I’m sticking with Western Digital.

I got a haircut the day before yesterday from this really nice lady, Min, at Jenny’s Barbershop a couple blocks north of here. There’s actually a barbershop much closer to the apartment (basically next door), but I couldn’t tell you what it’s called since all their signs are in Korean. Anyway, I think I’ll use Jenny’s from now on. Their price for men’s haircuts is pretty reasonable ($13). After that, Brett and I had lunch at Kokiri. I had the dolsot bibimbap. That evening I got moderator points on Slashdot for the first time.

I’m driving back to the Tri-Cities in about 45 minutes. Gonna see my family for Mother’s Day and hang out with Jones and Beefy.

I made Pigs-in-a-Blanket yesterday.

Pigs in a Blanket

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