12:39 am, Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

I think I might have fixed my random lock ups problem. I upgraded to Windows XP Pro SP2 (something of an adventure in and of itself; ran into a few headaches no one wants to hear about), updated all my drivers (thanks, Krunk), and disabled the virtual memory. (P.S. ClearType looks great on the ol’ 2005FPW.)

Have you seen the episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien where he goes to Finland for five days? TiVo recorded it the other night… I think it was his best show yet. Even funnier than when Triumph toured Quebec. Even better than his 10th anniversary show where Jack Black sang Wonder Boy. Great stuff.

Speaking of TV shows, The Office and My Name is Earl are doing their season finales this Thursday. Sucks that they prolly won’t be back ’till September. But Venture Bros. season two starts June 11th, so the summer won’t be totally quality-entertainment-less. And the season one DVDs come out on the 30th.

This YouTube video, They Are Made Out of Meat, is pretty amusing. It’s like seven minutes long. Sci fi. It was originally a short story written by Terry Bisson for OMNI in 1991.

Brett and I have been cleaning and unpacking a lot of stuff lately… the apartment is actually starting to look pretty nice. I’ll post some pictures later on. The huge storage closet off the living room has been extremely handy.

Kay, I’m gonna go watch Kathy Griffin: Strong Black Woman.

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