9:29 pm, Thursday, April 27th, 2006

I forgot to mention this before, but this blog turned five on the 23rd. It sure doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing it for that long. Anyway, I decided to figure out some simple statistics based on the age and number of posts…

  • I make, on average, 135.2 posts per year.
  • That’s one post every 2.7 days.
  • At that rate, post #1,000 will appear Friday, September 12th, 2008.
  • And this blog should turn ten sometime around post #1,352.
  • Assuming an average life expectancy of 74 years for an American male, and that I’ll maintain this blog for the rest of my life, the last post seen here will be #7,479 (on Thursday, August 24th, 2056).

Kind of interesting, huh? Well, maybe only to me.

My crappy power supply started working again… just left it plugged in for a day, then hit the power button and — voila. But I’m having some stability issues (e.g. it completely locks up while I’m asleep and the event logs don’t register anything), so I’m definitely replacing it when the Antec 500 W gets here.

This article, In Praise of Loopholes, is pretty interesting. It’s pretty much about what it sounds like… I liked the bits about the Jewish eruvs. Hadn’t heard of those before. Here’s another article, totally unrelated, that I enjoyed recently: The Ryugyong Hotel. This one’s about a huge (1,082 ft.) building in Pyongyang, North Korea that a lot of locals pretend isn’t there. Great stuff.

I remembered I had a free domain registration left with DreamHost, so I registered IronManBloggingCompetition.com (IMBC.com is already taken by what appears to be a Korean television network). Oh, and I figured out how to host different dot-com sites off a single DH account without using redirection or mirroring (apparently you can only do it if you use their own DNS thing and I normally use NameCheap). Anyway, there’s not much there right now, just a logo basically. Might be of some interest to the current and former IMBCers though since I used screenshots of everyones’ blogs to make the background.

Have you heard that Nintendo’s calling the Revolution the “Wii“? What crap.

6 Responses to “#678”

  1. Hecatomb:

    That Ryugyong hotel has got to be the coolest-ass structure I’ve ever seen. And partly because I agree with the writer’s opinion that the angle gives it a very sinister appearance.

  2. hjo3:

    Haha, as I read that I thought, “That is so where Pandaisia would’ve placed his throne in Theomundi.”

  3. JediBear:

    [Nintendo]Hey, everyone else in the industry is developing products under cool project names and then giving them lame names on release! We shuold do that! Hey, I mean, it works for Microsoft, right? So Revolution is a cool name, so we’ll keep that as the project name. Now we need something really lame for the release name. I know! We’ll call it “Wa.” Can you possibly get lamer than that?! This thing’ll /fly/ off the shelves now!!![/Nintendo]

  4. hjo3:

    Actually, “Wa” would’ve been kinda cool. It makes you want to shout it. “I’m gonna go play on my WA!” But yeah, I agree… the codename is always better. Especially with AMD processors.

  5. Hecatomb:

    Come to think of it, we did spend a lot of time on that South Korean island (I forget the name of it). If we ever pick up that campaign again, that’s definitely where Pandaisia will be.

  6. hjo3:

    > that South Korean island (I forget the name of it).

    Cheju (alternatively romanized to Jeju)

    > that’s definitely where Pandaisia will be

    Figures. :P