11:33 pm, Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Okay, so I’m officially out of the IMBC. I really appreciated the comments you guys left on my last post. In hindsight, I should have bribed the girl at the PC bang down the street to stay open an extra fifteen minutes. The PC bang is part of this neat strip mall (basically right next door to the apartment complex) that has a ton of little Korean businesses. I was suprised to see that the area gets pretty busy after dark — it’s always totally dead on weekday afternoons.

But getting back on topic, I was also surprised at how gentlemanly Beefy was following my defeat. I had expected a surfeit of gloating on his blog… at least two or three full posts dedicated to crowing and mocking. Either all his righteous scorn is tied up with Posyden, or (gasp!) he’s more mature than I’ve given him credit for.  

I still lack a landline here in Federal Way. I called Qwest to inquire about the problem and the CSR I spoke to said there was no record whatsoever of my request for a transfer of service… and I can’t even get that cool 835-3377 number they promised me. Now I have to settle for (253) 874-8585, and it won’t even be live until the 26th! Very lame. 

Brett and I went to the IKEA in Renton last night to get a table/shelf thing for some electronics that wouldn’t fit under the TV with the stereo, Xbox, and TiVo. Now the cable modem, wireless router, and PS2 sit on and in a 20″ birchwood “Oppli.” I also got a tall, narrow “Malm” dresser while I was there. Oh, and a glass soap dispenser and a shower curtain. (Their housewares are so cheap!) Awesome place, but way too big… I swear I must have walked three miles during our expedition. Sure, most of that was due to me forgetting where I parked the car, but still.

I’ve got nearly everything moved over here from my apartment in Seattle now… Just need to go back for some pillows, dishes, a couple lamps, the shirts in my closet, and whatever’s in the freezer. And most of what I’ve transported here is unpacked and set up.

Oh, I made a decent dinner this evening; seasoned pork chops in a sweet teriyaki sauce (teriyaki, brown sugar, honey, A1), cheese and broccoli Rice-a-Roni, and cottage cheese. Okay, gotta go — the battery on my laptop is dying.

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  1. JediBear:

    Even then, that’s assuming they don’t lose your request again…