11:59 pm, Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Long story short cxomcsasrt has screwed me and I am currently reduced to typing thuis post on my blackberry in under 7 minutes. As you can see, this keyboard is not easy to tytpe on. There will be many errors in this psot for sure. But I really don’t qwant to fail the imbc this way so I’m at least making an effort. I greatly apologi2 to any of ytouy trying to read this, I know it muist look incrdibly bad. But have you ever tried to type 300 wortds on a keyboared the size of 2 postage stramps? God damn this is a jnnightmarte!

Since I have no way to do a wordcount herew, I’m just going to have to typew as muich as possible *as fast as possible.

Dammitr itsd aslrewady 1158! Okay only abbout a minute or tweo to go. Crap. Aand I knoiw befy will be watching this thjing likke a vulturew waitriunbg fdoir me toi fail the post contwest and noiw thjetrewes onbly 1 moijnturee to go. I’m tgonna post this ankd pray theree arfe enouigh wor ds. Creap rcerap creap cxrap crap crap ffg f f f f. F f f f f f f f f f f. F f f f f f f f f

9 Responses to “#675”

  1. Beefy:

    Think about it this way, you lasted twice as long this time!

  2. hjo3:

    Har har har. Irony of all ironies, I just now got my broadband working. That BlackBerry is impossible to type quickly on… the keyboard is literally less than half the size of the palm of my hand and you have to use your thumbs. Believe me, I’ll have tons to bitch about in a later post.

    But yes, I am out of the IMBC — the above post is only 214 words. Amusingly enough, the full timestamp for that one is 23:59:41. So close.

  3. Jones:

    But dude…its’ comcastic, the tv told me so, don’t’ say the tv lied to me.

  4. Hecatomb:

    * Funeral bells toll *

    We gather here today to mourn the tragic loss of UberGeek from the IMBC. What a loser. “Okay, throw him in!”

    * The crushed remains of a BlackBerry are dumped into a hastily dug hole. *

  5. Paige:

    You fought the good fight dude. Be proud.

  6. JediBear:

    Frankly, it may be more of a mark of distinction to lose the IMBC due to a comcast problem than to win it.

  7. hjo3:

    Haha, thanks guys. It was fun while it lasted.

  8. full_absolution:

    Just heard (read) the news, good sir. Hopefully you will continue to update often, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.

  9. M.C. Jamez:

    Way to go down fightin’.