1:38 am, Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

So my neighbors are still being twits. Well, actually, it’s just one guy. But the couple times I’ve run into the girl who lives there she’s been pretty unfriendly too. Finally moving tomorrow; won’t have to deal with the whiny wall-pounding anymore. Gotta pack some more boxes tonight… fortunately, I’ve already moved most of the bulky/heavy stuff in multiple car trips. Like the DDR pad and GURPS books.

Don’t really have much to talk about today… Tonight’s Scrubs episode wasn’t that great. The janitor is only funny in small doses and his narration didn’t amuse me. Still better than nothing though. I’ve tried to watch the new show that follows it, Teachers, but I just can’t get into it. The main character is likable and moderately droll (even if the writers seem to be trying too hard with his dialogue) and the cast is fairly decent overall (don’t care for the British woman), but the stories are lame. I have yet to actually finish watching an episode… I keep getting bored with it halfway through. Still hoping it’ll improve though.

Had leftovers for lunch, then frozen pizza for dinner. The DiGiorno four-cheese is pretty good.

Everyone seems to be talking about Kingdom Hearts II lately and I thought it sounded neat from the GameSpot review, so I’m going to rent it when we get settled in Federal Way. I could never play it (or the first one) before since I didn’t own a PS2, but Brett has one… I think he only uses it to play Amplitude. I’ll probably end up getting some PS2 games I’ve always wanted to play. Like Katamari Damacy.

Speaking of new electronics, Brett also has a nice big TV I’ll be enjoying. It’s a widescreen, like three feet across, and does HDTV. Pretty cool. He wanted to get the digital cable service so he could use the HDTV channels, but Comcast digital is incompatible with my TiVo. So we compromised… he’s allowed to set up a few season passes on my TiVo and we can get the basic extended package I wanted. It’s kind of funny, practically the only show we both like is Frasier… he mostly watches Unsolved Mysteries and Fairly Oddparents.

Watch this, it’s funny.

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  1. Beefy:

    Be careful. If you type much more about KH2 you’ll just be copying Insano-Boy.

  2. hjo3:

    Bah, keep your silly feud off my blog.