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8:48 pm, Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Joe Dunn mentioned me in his latest post on Joe Loves Crappy Movies! (Here’s a screenshot of the actual comment — his page URLs are dynamic, so any actual page link I provide will be invalid after a few days.)

It’s a funny coincidence that Joe’s reviewing 16 Blocks in #114 since I just saw that movie last night. I liked it quite a bit more than he did. Sure, it’s thoroughly unoriginal, but it’s well done and I didn’t find any part of it past the first five minutes boring. I liked the opening — a SWAT team bursting into an apartment to an exuberant Latin soundtrack. For the first half of the movie Mos Def’s character’s silly voice kinda bugged me, but I got over it. Great ending; emotional, but not excessively schmaltzy.

BTW, WoTC gave me a $15 credit for that borked draft tournament. Pretty sweet since it only cost me ~$13 to enter. I used the credit to hone my “Dragonbreath” deck (uses a Form of the Dragon/Obliterate combo).

Giant snails
Damn, those are some big snails. (980×735; 95 KB)


8:24 am, Monday, March 13th, 2006

I was just playing in a 9th edition draft game on MTGO. (If you’re not familiar, here’s what happens in a draft: Eight guys throw in three booster packs each, then pass them around the table picking out one card from each booster at a time. When there are no more cards left, everyone has 10 minutes to make decks from the 45 cards they’ve chosen plus as many basic lands as they want.) The great thing about these core-edition drafts is that the gameplay feels just like it did in the old days. No Sensei’s Diving Tops or land-fetch cards, no creatures with complicated abilities, just simple leisurely games.

Anyway, the server basically barfed massive lag all over our tournament and skipped the drafting phase completely, leaving each of us with 45 random cards. I made a crappy red, white, and green deck and played a match against this really nice guy, matty1415 (he beat me 2-to-1). After talking with a moderator, I learned I could get a refund because of the server error. It should actually end up being pretty cool — from what I understand, when these errors occur they let you keep the draft picks and refund all the money you spent on the boosters and entry fee.

Here’s a screenshot from a game I was in this morning (playing my “Glorious Isosoldiers” deck against a rather cutthroat black deck).

MTGO Casual game
(1680×1050; 493 KB)


11:30 pm, Saturday, March 11th, 2006

I went to the Eastlake Bar & Grill for dinner tonight. It was really tasty — had a rare 12 oz. New York steak with a twice-baked potato, veggies, and a greens salad. Then, for dessert, this unique bread pudding with apples and raspberry sauce. BTW, I’m planning to go to this thing on April 8th. Maybe Beefy and Jones should come up for it… we could even swing by Bellingham and pick up the Paigestress.

I’m moving to Federal Way (my friend Brett and I are gonna get an apartment together). I think everyone who reads this already knew that, but there ya go just in case. So during my spring break I’ll be moving and sometime around then I’ll probably drop into the Tri-Cities for a few days for a few procedures I need done (wisdom teeth, LASIK, tonsils… that’ll be a fun weekend).

Also, I started playing Magic Online again. (It was either that or pick up some new MMORPG.) Haven’t bought many cards though; just a few starters/boosters from the new sets to get myself up to speed on the Ravnica block and the last two-thirds of Kamigawa. Gotta say, I don’t like the direction the game’s taking for the most part… the Mirrodin mechanics were really fun and Champions of Kamigawa had some keen stuff, but the dredge, ninjitsu, and transmute abilities are annoying. Convoke and radiance are cool though. Hybrid cards I can take or leave.

I got a copy of The Walking Dead #1 on eBay. Totally getting that signed by Tony Moore at the Emerald City ComiCon.

Ummkay, out of stuff to talk about. Here’s a picture of the meatloaf I made last week. Basted it with alternating layers of ketchup and A1 Steak Sauce. It was good; very juicy.

My first meatloaf


5:28 pm, Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Okay, I have lots of stuff to write about but Comcast’s local internet service is experiencing levels of douchebaggery heretofore unknown to me, so I’ll just stick to my main announcement: Joe Dunn made a header image for me! I first inquired about commissioning the picture three days ago and here it is! I’ll probably add text to it at some point, but ATM I’m a little fed up with wrangling the PHP necessary to get it on here. Beautiful, isn’t it? Joe was great to work with; listened to all my notes, replied promptly, was always extremely pleasant. Great guy. Check out his comics at Digital Pimp Online (Joe Loves Crappy Movies is my favorite).

BTW, Joe roughly modeled his illustration on my old header. Quite an improvement, huh?


12:47 am, Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

So I was reading on MetaFilter that Drew of Toothpaste for Dinner and Natalie of got together and made a new site (Married to the Sea — surprisingly much less enjoyable than their own projects). Weird thing was, the poster referred to Natalie as Drew’s wife. Of course, a number of other MeFiers quickly replied, “No, they’re brother and sister, right?” Here’s the OP’s reply:

That was what they told everyone, a la “The White Stripes.” However, in an interview Drew did with Slate, it was revealed that they are actually married.

Drew was pretty angry about it, but it seems now he doesn’t mind so much.

Wacky, huh? The “about” page on the new site confirms it.

This “Draw a Pig” personality test is pretty nifty. Try it out and post a link to your entry in the comments below. Here’s mine. (In my defense, it’s hard to draw with a mouse and there’s no way to erase.)

Beefy and I discussed it and decided to update the rules for the IMBC.

Normally I’m not a big fan of Dinosaur Comics, but this one was hilarious:

Dinosaur Comics - Digital Camera Scheme


10:52 pm, Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Picked up Chrononauts at IF Saturday. Really fun game. Also got a ton of comics, including like six issues of KoDT that I’d missed. BTW, regarding Marvel Zombies: Love the story, love the art, occasionally hate the dialogue. In issue #3 there was a panel where Iron Man says something like “Hey! I can fly now!” as he’s flying. Reminded me of those crappy old superhero comics where the protagonist says what he’s doing while he uses his powers. Just comes off kind of lame and banal.

I don’t particularly like Transformers, but I think I’ll pick up the Hearts of Steel miniseries. Giant, alien robots in 19th century England… who wouldn’t love that?

OGame keeps getting better… I’ve established my first colony and am slowly building a battle fleet. Also developing the necessary technologies to construct cruisers.

Have you seen the live-action Simpsons intro?

Quicktime icon (6.11 MB)

Rule #34