6:53 pm, Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Went to my post-op exam at 9:00 am today. Everything’s progressing fine. My vision when I woke up this morning was amazingly clear, but after the first set of drops it got a bit worse and continued to fluctuate throughout the day. My eyes don’t hurt at all now, they just itch sometimes. BTW, I have a few “$100 off” coupons for Clearly LASIK if anyone’s interested… I think I get free movie tickets if someone uses one.

Sent my tax return in this morning. Should be getting a hefty refund. Which is good since Pinewood Village finally accepted our applications with the caveat that we pay a much larger deposit since our credit, while good, isn’t very established. We ought to sign papers to make the lease official next week.

Had Mongolian Grill for lunch and watched a Moxi’d episode of AOTS. Then, around one, did some computer repair work for someone in Kennewick. Stopped at Craft Warehouse on the way home to check on the Mac Hall poster I’m having framed. It wasn’t ready yet.

Finished reading Invincible vol. 2 & 3. Great stuff. Didn’t understand some things though… like, what was the point of the whole “William only likes to be called by his full name” subplot in vol. 2? And why did that cyborg-skeleton thing impale itself on that sculpture in the same issue? Maybe I’m forgetting something from vol. 1. The secret philosophy of the Viltrumites (revealed in vol. 3) doesn’t make sense to me, but then I suppose most of the stuff in Invincible isn’t meant to be taken totally seriously.

Been sketching a lot lately. Did some killer drawings of Jane Skinner and Bill O’Reilly this afternoon. I’ll post some scans when I get back to Seattle.

Have tentative plans with Jones to go bowling tonight. Couldn’t get ahold of Beefy, but I assume we’ll nerdnap him sometime around eight.

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