8:13 pm, Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Got my LASIK surgery today. Not very fun. For those of you unfamiliar with the procedure, it basically entails a doctor clamping something round onto your eye with a lot of pressure, then cutting a flap in your cornea, then shooting a laser at your lens. Interesting fact: Burnt eyeball smells just like burnt hair.

Anyway, I have to take like a billion different eye drops every half hour and wear goggles when I sleep. It’s not that bad. Just feels like you have an eyelash stuck in your eye all the time.

First thing I see with this new corrected vision? Beefy being kind of a bitch. Well, Gmail, then that. Suffice to say, I have not ever, nor will I ever knowingly, cheat in the IMBC. Or engage in dishonorable activity like post-saving. (Update: Beefy’s bitchitude was vastly overestimated.)

Anyway. Movies seen recently: Lord of War and A History of Violence. Both good, but the latter had some slow parts. Also saw this new Margaret Cho DVD, but it was so abominably bad that I’d really rather not discuss it. It’s hard to believe that woman ever had the ability to be funny. Guess her early work was a fluke. Or maybe someone else was writing her material for her.

What else? Oh, we played GURPS last weekend. Did two or three sessions in the Hunter setting. Went pretty well.

Talked to Justin last night — he’s still working at Disney World and he and his mom, sister, and brother-in-law are moving into a new house that’s under construction ATM. Sounds like it’ll be a pretty big place. Things with his GURPS group didn’t work out… turns out they’re all old people (30-50 range) and they use GURPS 2nd edition. Savages. Plus they live an hour away.

Got a bunch of comics at IF last week, but so far I’ve only read KoDT #113. I wish they’d cut it out with the Squirrley comics and go back to the gaming stories. Plus you have to read the online strips to find out why Weird Pete’s in jail in the first place. Hella lame. But I got a couple volumes of Invincible, Fables, and Runaways, so at least there’s that to look forward to. Also got the Space 1889 sourcebook; should be a fun read.

2 Responses to “#653”

  1. elizabeth:

    you fixed your eyes!

  2. Krunk:

    >>Burnt eyeball smells just like burnt hair.

    I think burnt any human part smells the same, though I techincially haven’t tested it myself. *whistles* No, that’s not how my brother got his burnt scars.

    //krunk (^_^x)